Melting Moments Cookies
February 21st, 2012 41 Comments

Melting Moments Cookies

Melting Moments
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Looking through my baking recipes, I realize that the Spritz cookies that I baked for Christmas was quite the hit. Just before going home for the holidays, I was thinking all sorts of festive cookies I used to have in Malaysia, particularly melt in your mouth cookies, eg. Butter cookies, Sugee cookies and Cornstarch cookies. So, I decided to whip up a small batch of my very own ‘Melting Moments’ to satisfy my cravings. I did not get to share this wonderful and simple recipe as I was busy preparing to fly home. Now that I have a chance to, I must say my version of Melting Moments comes closest to just the way I like it.

If you have not had a chance to savor these delicate treats that I am going on about, ‘Melting Moments’ are aptly named for their buttery shortbread-like texture. Trust me, it really melts in your mouth as it titillates your every taste bud. After browsing variations of these delightful cookies over the net, I am inspired to get my ‘joy of baking’ mood on. And with ingredients that are so easy to come across, it’s easily inspiring to bake some of my own best Melting Moments ever.

For a velvety smooth and fluffy, crumbly cookie that is totally irresistible, the key ingredients are substituting cornstarch (cornflour) with potato starch for the light and fluffy texture, cake flour for a soft finishing touch and real butter for the wonderful flavor.

Melting Moments Cookies

Since this is an easy-to-bake recipe, perhaps it would make a great addition to an early Easter bake, an eggless Melting Moments!

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  1. Michelle Hoon-Kooeemui via Facebook says:

    Thanks for sharing. Will try your recipe for this cookies. (^ー゜)

  2. Et says:

    always love your baking recipes but I never tried any of them as the measurements are in cups. Wud appreciate if in future you measure the ingredients for me as well as many others in grams or in ozs. thanks alot as measurements in grams or ozs are more accurate and easy for us novices.

    • Rasa Malaysia says:

      If this make things easier, here’s a US oz. conversion. for this recipe:
      4.41 oz butter
      1.41 oz powdered sugar
      4.41 oz potato starch, or cornstarch
      2.82 oz cake flour
      By the way, this is a good conversion table site that you might find useful. You can convert items from different types of flour, yeast and other ingredients.

  3. Been making these for years, they are awesome!! Thanks!

  4. Nelly Ahmad via Facebook says:

    Sorry, I haven’t get a chance to look at the ingredients. Is this what Malay called “biskut sugee?”

    • Rasa Malaysia says:

      No, its not Sugee cookies, but the taste comes really close to it, minus the ‘ghee’ instead of butter used in this recipe.

  5. Nicole Aquino via Facebook says:

    Also good with walnuts and mini chocolate chips. I also put the dough in the fridge so they don’t spread as much when baking. Yum.

  6. Angeline says:

    Sorry if I sound a bit silly :) was wondering if potato starch is a kind of flour too? Would want to try out the recipe :)

    • Rasa Malaysia says:

      Potato starch are sometimes labeled as ‘potato starch flour’. However, potato starch and potato flour is completely different thing. Potato starch are made strictly from the starch of the potato and is protein-free, whereas potato flour is produced from the whole potato, including the skin.

  7. Michelle Hoon-Kooeemui via Facebook says:

    Just went to supermarket, but they do not have corn starch, so I bought corn flour, is there a difference if I use corn flour to make this cookies? Please enlighten me. Thanks.

    • Rasa Malaysia says:

      Cornstarch and corn flour are the same thing. Its called cornstarch in the US, whereas in UK and most Commonwealth countries its referred as corn flour. Good luck with the cookies and do let me know if there are other questions.

  8. Great recipe! I have always love cookies that melt in the mouth ever since I was a kid. I’ll skip the powdered icing sugar on the top of the cookies though as I’m trying to cut down on sugar, though it looks, oh, so tempting.

  9. Jesslyn says:

    Hi, I just tried baking this today but somehow my cookies came out with a lot more cracks. Have I overcooked it or gone wrong somewhere?

    • Rasa Malaysia says:

      Three options, reduce the baking time to 10 minutes, if that does not work, reduce the cake flour a bit as it tends to render a more crumbly dough and/or make sure that the powdered sugar is super fine, the finer the sugar the smoother the cookie. Also, I make sure I pack the dough firmly when I shape the cookie balls before placing them into the cookie sheet.

  10. suzy says:

    Do you think I could use tapioca starch instead of potato starch? Thanks!

    • Rasa Malaysia says:

      I have not tried making these cookies with tapioca starch. I think its fine since tapioca starch is fine and kind of smooth like the potato starch. You could try a small batch and see how that goes.

  11. Et says:

    Thank u very much for giving the recipe in grams. Now I can try to make the cookies. In future, would greatly appreciate if you can give us recipes in grams too. Sorry to ask for this request but we appreciate your assistance.

  12. Tania Philibert Cohen via Facebook says:

    Tried this recipe today….OH MY GOD!!!!!

  13. I keep meaning to try your spritz cookies recipe and this one looks equally tempting!

  14. Steffi says:

    That’s something new and I’d like to try. Thanks.

  15. Vivian Lee says:

    Where can I get to buy potato starch flour in Malaysia?I hv been to many grocery and hypermarkets but can’t get any of them.

  16. Faithe says:

    Just made this. I think I can finished the whole batch myself, noooo. The taste was GREAT! Yummmm!!! However my dough did not turn into a soft dough, and the cookie cracks when i press the fork down. Maybe I’ll try to put more butter next time =p

  17. Jesphine says:

    May I know the potato starch can use to make bread or cake? Normally what is the ratio? Tks

  18. Just Me says:


    I tried baking it twice, the first time dough was too soft so added more cake/potato flour and it tasted really good.

    The 2nd time I tried to bake, this time I added more icing sugar as I didnt want to dust the icing sugar at the final stage, but was unsuccessful, everything went fine until it went into the oven and it melted….would you be able to advise what is wrong in this step? Would it be that the dough is too soft again? Only thing that has changed in the recipe was adding more icing sugar in the initial stage & adding some cornflour (running out of potato flour). :P

  19. sweetscuderia says:

    I tried this recipe yesterday. It tastes PERFECT. It was a huge hit amongst those who tested the cookies. I made two batches and got approximately two tubs of cookies. It really just melts in your mouth. Love it! This recipe is a keeper. I’m baking these for every hari raya!

  20. Gigi Goodfader says:

    I just made these cookies. They taste great. My dough was sticky and hard to work with. So, I wrapped the dough and put it in a fridge for an hour before I rolled and cut it in pieces. My cookies took longer time to bake.

  21. premi says:

    Hi Rasa Malaysia,
    Can i mix half of cornstarch and potato starch for this recipe?

  22. Phyllis says:

    Thanks for the recipe! May i know how long do these cookies keep for, if i had put them in airtight container would they be able to keep for at least 3 days? Was thinking to bake this few days before a party :) thanks!

  23. Grace says:

    Hi,can I use cookie cutter for this type of cookie? Thanks!

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  25. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I just made a batch on a whim (with almond flour instead of cake flour just because it was handy…), and they are DELICIOUS! I’m getting crumbs all over the keyboard because I can’t stop eating them :-)

  26. Magnolia Cash says:

    Hi, is cake flour is it just the regular flour (all purpose)? I’m sorry that’s a stupid question, I just want to try this recipe and I don’t want to messed it up. Lol. Thank you for posting this recipe.

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