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Mini Brownie Butter Cake

Mini Brownie Butter Cake
Mini Brownie Butter Cake pictures (2 of 6)

My contributor CP Choong’s Brownie Butter Cake is another hit baking recipe on Rasa Malaysia. Recently, she downsized the original recipe and make it into mini brownie butter cake, which is precisely miniature cupcake of brownie butter cake. They are still every bit buttery, sinfully rich, chocolatey, and now they are even more pleasing to the eyes because of the smaller package. Just check out all these pictures, isn’t it better when everything is smaller? You don’t even have to slice the cake into pieces, and each person gets one, or two, or three of this wonderful mini brownie butter cake.

Mini Brownie Butter Cake

The idea of this mini brownie butter cake is pretty simple. The bottom part is everyone’s favorite brownie, and the top part is rich butter cake. to make these mini brownie butter cake into full-blown cupcakes, my contributor drizzled them with some chocolate sauce and topped with some sprinkles. You can also serve them with some fruits such as sliced strawberry. The possibility is endless, it’s totally up to you how you want to dress up your mini brownie butter cake!

Mini Brownie Butter Cake

This is a great recipe as many of you had attempted the brownie butter cake recipe when we shared it in October last year. Many of you left raving comments and reviews. If you have a party, be it for adults or kids, this recipe is a sure-fire hit. I am going to make this mini brownie butter cake to a kid’s party soon, and I am very sure that both the adults and kids will enjoy this very much.

You should also check out the mini nutella cheesecake recipe that we shared recently. Happy baking!

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  1. MHRey13

    Hi. Wanted to know, after baking the brownie, for the butter cake part,
    do I need to change my heat source to TOP as oppose to normal BOTTOM heat only?

  2. Tuty

    Did CP use the mini cheesecake pan? Would you mind sharing the dimension of the pan?

    BTW, Salted Caramel Topping will be delightful too ;-)

  3. Frances

    Hi, I am Italian and I love your recipes. I will try to make this beautiful mini brownie butter cake.. I hope I’ll be able!!

  4. Linda ong

    I tried baking these yummy cuties and they taste absolutely delicious! But the brownie crumple easily when the fork cuts in. Is the texture supposed to be like that?

  5. hi I would like to try this recipe to my boyfriend’s basketball team!
    i need to increase the amount of cupcake (about 30), can i just double the recipe???
    you r amazing!

  6. ghytri

    Where can I purchase this mini cheesecake pan? Tried finding it from few shops here but they only have muffin pans…

  7. Shirley

    Hi there, any idea where can I purchase mini cheesecake pans in Malaysia? I can’t seem to find them in the bakery supply stores here.

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