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Mini Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes
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How time flies and it’s already December and 2012 will come to an end very soon.

December has always been one of my favorite months (other than my birth month of September). The holidays are coming and December is all about baking and also year-end and holiday parties. This time of year, it’s all about recipes that you love and also ones that will sure to please your guests, if you’re hosting holiday parties.

Crab Cakes

I love party foods—little appetizers, treats or hors d’oeuvre served on sticks or small plates. They are always such eye-candy but also big in flavors. This is Dungeness crab season and I thought I would share a mini crab cake recipe that you can serve to your guests this season. They are absolutely delicious and the mini package makes it perfect for parties.

For the crab, I strongly recommend using fresh Dungeness crab and pick the flesh out of the shells. If you have a great seafood store where you are, you can also buy lump crab meat. Otherwise, you can always use canned crab meat but the result will be pale in comparison.

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  1. Pierre

    This crabcake recipe sounds yummy, but in the ingredients for the recipe, there is no sign of celery or tumeric?? Was this a typo??
    Would LOVE some feedback on this one please!!

  2. I just saw a lobster mac and cheese recipe and now this. I love shellfish so much. Might have to snag some crabs from the supermarket aquarium to try a few of these recipes.

  3. Rita Santos

    I just love every recipes you put down, all kinds of sea food.etc.etc. Thank you for sharing with us.I´m from Brasil, we don´t have much Real, asian food.

  4. Katherine

    i am making these in a few minutes / that is, the crab cake mix is ready, just need to heat the butter / are you a Marylander ? they are the only folks i know who use Old Bay / i spent my childhood in Maryland / my favorite food was lump meat crab cocktail, next was crab cakes / i am now in the southwestern desert and can only get frozen Alaskan crab legs / they will have to do but cant come close to Maryland blue crab

  5. CrabLover

    Hi, just asking but where do you purchase canned crab meat in Malaysia? I can’t seem to find it around my area and I’m in the KL area. X(

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