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Raisin Butter Cake

Raisin Butter Cake
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I have found the best butter cake recipe ever!

I love butter cake and am constantly looking for the most buttery, rich, and moist butter cake recipe. To me, searching for the ultimate butter cake recipe is like the quest for the perfect fried chicken recipe. Even though you might have found a keeper, you know that somewhere out there, someone has an even better recipe.

I had been using this butter cake recipe (adapted from Southern Food) for a while and am pleased with it, but it’s a tad dry. I love my butter cake really buttery. So, when I read this post on Food-4Tots, I knew that I had to give the recipe a try. It was adapted from a Chinese baking book. The verdict: this might be it, the best butter cake recipe that tastes exactly like the way I like it: extremely buttery (or even oily), moist, sweet, and rich. I added some raisins to my butter cake to make raisin butter cake, it was heavenly.

By the way, if you are a pro-baker (I am not), would you please tell me how to prevent my raisins from sinking to the bottom? I did mix the raisins with the all-purpose flour and they were all well-dusted, but still, they sunk to the bottom? Any idea?

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