Angel Hair Pasta with Seafood Recipe
June 18th, 2007 48 Comments

Angel Hair Pasta with Seafood Recipe

Angel Hair Pasta with Seafood
Angel Hair Pasta with Seafood pictures (8 of 8)

My old roommate in San Francisco A taught me how to make pasta.

When we were living together in the bay area many years ago, I was in charge of making Malaysian and Chinese food in the kitchen, while A excelled in western food. She made killer mash potatoes (from scratch!) and great pasta. While we didn’t indulge in seafood-loaded pasta like this back then, her pasta was always delectable–with really simple ingredients such as unpeeled straw mushrooms, chicken or shrimp. It was a very humble, easy, and practical dish. It was great for our budgets, especially during the dot bomb days…

Angel Hair Pasta with Seafood

If A were to read this post today, I am sure she would be amazed by my newly acquired cooking skill. I have since perfected my Italian pasta, plus I have upgraded the toppings to all our favorite fruits de la mer. I suspect she would ask for a second helping. *wink*

To make it an ultra luxury dish, I got some fresh Florida rock shrimp. Both crunchy and succulent, Florida rock shrimp is worth every buck I spent. (They were priced at $19.95 per pound.) Throw in some calamari rings, scallops, shrimp, mussels, cherry tomatoes, and freshly-plucked sweet basil leaves, you have a 5-star dish that you can make anytime to impress yourself, or your guests.

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  1. UnkaLeong says:

    Fruits of the sea *chuckles*…Now where’s that box of Kleenex :) Napkins made by my employer? Hahaha..

  2. Lydia says:

    Beautiful dish! I’m drooling!! I always have some homemade tomato sauce in my freezer, and now that the basil is starting to grow in the herb garden, I’m all ready for this recipe.

  3. Lyrical Lemongrass says:

    wahhh…looks so gorgeous! Wanna try this soon…maybe tonight….u’ve started a craving!!! hehehe.

  4. Suganya says:

    Ok! I am a vegetarian and have nothing to comment on the recipe. But, it is easy to make pasta in sauce look gross. You have done an admirable work in taking such a luscious photo!

  5. tigerfish says:

    Definitely worth the wait…soooo delectable. You won’t want my drool all over or it will dirty your new napkin. ;) The 料 so much that cannot see the pasta (can pass off as paella) …definitely more than 5-star. Your shrimps fresh from the tank? Recently I got myself some Florida Key West Pink Shrimps too.

  6. pablopabla says:

    Tell you what…why don’t you move back to Malaysia and start cooking these for us back home to eat! You’re killing us with your recipes! Droolicious!

  7. WokandSpoon says:

    I love seafood! That looks quick and simple to make! Just don’t wear a white shirt when eating that ;-)

  8. MeiyeN says:

    my favourite, my favourite!!!!!! and WOW…… so beautiful!!!!!!

  9. "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    it looks fabulous! and it looks so easy to make as well!..hmmm

  10. Tummythoz says:

    Looks like more ingredients than noodles. Yummy!

  11. teckiee says:

    my kind of food! Do agree whe tummythoz on more ingredients than noodles. Its perfect tho hehehe… i usually like pasta that way

  12. bayi says:

    I like pasta and looking at the dish has already made me salivate… It looks really delicious!

  13. Claude-Olivier says:

    Pasta is for sure the best thing on earth ;-) I make them fresh when I have time, I have a pasta machine and they are wonderful !!! your recipe smell here, I WANT PASTA NOW !!! ,-)


  14. East Meets West Kitchen says:

    What a lovely dish!

  15. Sweet Jasmine says:

    Wow! good food and great pic..Just make pasta for son#1 with prego sauce with only chicken meat and button mushroom.No mussels.. time will try your recipe.. thanks for sharing..

  16. Leemei says:

    Nice photos! Thank you for your comment on my blog. Have you tried out making pandan chicken?
    Keep up the good work of you blog!

  17. singleGuyChef says:

    I wish I had you as a roommate in college. I wouldn’t have gained the “Freshman 15″…more like Freshman 50 with all of the second helpings. :p

  18. The Cooking Ninja says:

    wah … this is exactly I’ve been dying for. Shiok!

  19. Ben and Suanne says:

    Great photos. Love the dish too.

  20. Hillary says:

    Did you take the pictures yourself? The pasta looks DELICIOUS! I always try to make a sophisticated pasta dish but it never turns out as good looking as this one!

  21. lucia says:

    i love pasta and i love seafood – so what a great combination. unfortunately i don’t cook. so just hope that one day someone would cook it for me or can try something like this in a restaurant (it wouldn’t be the same as home-cooked food of course)

  22. wmw says:

    Great photos yet again….THAT’S IT! I wanna move to the States to be your neighbour!

  23. Nate 2.0 says:

    Very nice, although I would have used canned tomatoes and mashed them in the can to make sauce. Bottled sauces tend to have lots of sugar in them.

  24. Mandy says:

    A luxury seafood pasta! I bet it’s better than some so-called Italian restaurants here! :)

  25. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Unkaleong – haven’t u learned your lesson by now? Have your Kleenex tied to your neck the next time…hehe.

    Lydia – homemade tomato sauce? I want I want! ;)

    Lemongrass – did you get your fix?

    Suganya – wow, a vegetarian commented on my non-vegetarian dish. Thank you!

    Tiga – where did you get the Key West Pink shrimp, sounds so exotice, I must try. Tell me where to go them pronto! I will try them when I come back from Asia.

    Pablo – OK, you will hire me to work for you then I go back and be your neighbor. Hehe.

    Wokandspoon – you are right…I always stain my shirt whenever I eat tomato sauce pasta. LOL.

    Mei Yen – my favorite my favorite, too! :)

    Joe – yes, it is very easy to make.

    Tummy – this is “keh liao” one…of course ingredients more than noodles. Wahahaha.

    Teckiee – exactly, I do not like pasta when they are all pasta and no ingredients/topping…boring.

    Bayi – hehe…I warned you so.

    Claude – can you make a butter sauce pasta and share with me the recipe? I want to learn. ;)

    East Meets West – thank you.

    Sweet Jasmine – cool, I hope your son would love my version.

    Leemei – yes, indeed I did. But my pictures weren’t as good as yours…hehe, they were delish.

    Singleguychef – you are too humble…I am drooling over your gourmet food…your creations are like Top Chef!!!

    Ben and Suanne – thanks.

  26. Amy says:

    Mmm this looks sooo good! I’m drooling and hungry.

  27. Cynthia says:

    Pasta with seafood is an unbeatable combination. Looks really rich, Bee.

  28. joey says:

    Hi! Found your site through Christine of Ramblings of a Gypsysoul…wow! It’s awesome and so happy I stumbled on it! This is the type of pasta my husband would love — tomato-based and with seafood…I’m bookmarking it right now! Thanks for sharing it :)

  29. C2 says:

    This must be first pasta dish I’ve come across on the blog. We call it Spag Marinara here. I prefer making the sauce from plum tin tomatos, onions and fresh basil. If you like something a bit tasty try Putanesca sauce- anchivies, garlic chilli, olives, capers, diced fresh tomatoes plus the tomato sauce. Oh yes the bak kut teh turned out a bit fishy. Mustn’t have washed the cuttle fish properly. Will try again soon. Manged to locate a Chinese medicine shop that sells the BKT ingredients. Love the colours as usual. Cheers.

  30. Ming_the_Merciless says:

    Wow, that looks really good. I always go to the Greek diners on Friday afternoons for the spicy seafood pasta dish because the Greeks don’t eat meat on Friday.

  31. ilingc says:

    Looks divine! and I just love how angel hair pasta “soaks” up all the sauces.

  32. Keropok Man says:

    aiyoyo. lao nuah liao leh…

    Everyone seems to like Prego eh. The other day, my cousin also said she uses Prego.

    When Pablo hire you, you all open branch in Spore too lah, then we get to eat. hehe…

  33. Orchidea says:

    This pasta dish looks really good… I like it.

  34. tigerfish says:

    The Key West Shrimps are from Wholes Food leh. They are wild, harvested from the waters of Key West (thus not farm-raised) but they are frozen,too bad :( I have not cooked them yet so not sure if they will taste good. But I’m keen to try something from the other sea loh! ;)
    Hey, I just bought myself LIVE SPOT prawns from R99 today! LIVE as in still alive in the waters and they are WILD. As good as it gets man! Still flapping when I brought them home. If you see them in R99, it will surely be a better bet for an Udang lover like you…hahha. A bit steep @$13.99/lb but definitely worth the bite :D

  35. Oh for the love of food! says:

    Hey RM! your pasta looks amazing! As always, I love that youve used seafood, especially those juicy prawns. This dish is simply mouth watering!

  36. WokkingMum says:

    I like pasta especially with Seafood but my family don’t, so I hardly cook it. Your pasta is so good it made me soo hungry!!

    I have linked you, if you dont mind.

  37. team BSG says:

    since u were fortunate to have the best Xperience of all cooking worlds even during the Bomb time guess its time v will offer you our rare but valuable expertise to fully ‘satisfied proof’ all
    yr recipe including yr very own foolproof pixs before general release meaning u airfly all yr ready cookings ( such as above ) for our test and a ok.
    OK ?

  38. Passionate Eater says:

    I think that the addition of oyster sauce must have kicked it up a notch, because the pasta looks so gorgeous and the color is so much “deeper” than regular pasta sauce. This sounds like a great and relatively time-efficient meal. And I DO love those Target napkins!

  39. pwee says:

    ahhh, i make the mistake of reading your blog when i’m hungry.

    the pasta looks so yum!

  40. shinhui says:

    look awesome and delicious

    don know how i got this webby
    but look nice

    my stomach is starving now

    are u malaysian?

  41. Claude-Olivier says:

    by the way….i have never send you the recipe of the green oil sauce…oups. I have to find it again and I promise I will send you..after LA..and if you need others recipe, just ask ;-) Cheers

  42. cooknengr says:

    Nice, share my favorite pasta sauce with you. Pomi, You can get it at Vons/Ralph’s. Totally different from Ragu. Pomi is not acidic and you can feel the made from scratch freshness. With basil and a magical pinch of sugar to bring out the flavor. Out of the three, I prefer the chopped tomato for the texture.

  43. Anonymous says:

    you’re making me hungry with this angel hair pasta with seafood. Im going to try using all the seafood mentioned in your angel hair pasta with seafood recipe.

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  46. Akos Fintor says:

    Thanks for the insight.
    I guess I’m gonna have to come back and hang out more on this site!

  47. elainechow says:

    Made this for my bf last night and he loved it! He’s asked me to cook it for him again already! This is so simple yet absolutely delicious! Highly recommended! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  48. Celeste O says:

    I would make the sauce from scratch instead of using a jarred sauce, but this sounds interesting. I’ll be using fresh Louisiana oysters and white shrimp caught in the shallow waters of Louisiana (deep water shrimp has a weird iodine taste I don’t care for and shallow water shrimp is sweeter).

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