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Raspberry Muffins Recipe

Mini Raspberry Muffins
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There is something very comforting about baking on a Sunday afternoon. First of all, the smell of baking perfumes my whole house with sweet and buttery aromas; secondly, there is no better way to beat my Monday blues than with homemade baked goods and start off the busy work week on the right foot. So, that was exactly what I did this past Sunday afternoon–making these cute-looking mini raspberry muffins.

I don’t like my muffins big because I could never finish the whole thing and always end up wasting the food. When it comes to baking, I love everything minimini egg tarts, mini tartlets, mini cupcakes, etc. (My obsession with small baked goods also explains my petit fours fetish in Paris recently.) I always opt for a light breakfast in the morning so mini muffins fit my bill.

I personally love my raspberry muffins pictures very much. I usually shoot with an Aperture of 3.2-3.5, but today, I experimented with a much lower setting. All these pictures were shot with an Aperture of 1.8-2.2; I thought they look great and somewhat dreamy. Anyway, if not for the taste of these mini raspberry muffins, I hope you enjoy the pictures I presented.

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  1. lctan

    pls use grams for yr measuring of ingredients as it is diffcult to measure frozen butter 1/2 cup. not so accurate. thanks

  2. Manggy

    You seem to be on a baking spree! :) Dreamy indeed, as I love raspberries– unfortunately will remain a dream as we never get fresh raspberries here (as you may know already).

    • Peter Kong

      We can’t get fresh raspberries or blueberries in Asia so we can’t get to taste them.

      Maybe we can improvise and use dates available in supermarkets in place of the berries. We just need to cut the dates into quarters (seedless) to add in the recipe.

      Flavor and aroma will be different not to mention the taste but I am sure it will taste just as great.

  3. Nilmandra

    Cute! I used to make mini muffins too, especially for kids parties and other tea parties, when people like little bits of finger food. I left my mini muffin tins in Singapore though…

  4. Rasa Malaysia

    lctan – I don’t use grams in my measurement because I live in the US plus most people have measuring cups but not everyone has a scale. To answer your question, 1 stick of butter = 113.5 gr or 1/4 pound or 4 ounce or 1/2 cup or 8 tablespoons or 14 teaspoons.

  5. MyF

    Hi RM – lovely muffins.. i always love mini muffins, they r just too irresistable! I would add choc chips tho, cos I love baking only when there’s chocolate involved! :-)

  6. asoon

    I LOVE bite-size muffin too! At my local grocery store they have a bunch of organic berries on sale, I will definitely try this out. However, since I am on a health kick (yeah still eating muffins though LOL), I planned on substituting butter with equal amount of applesauce.

    How much batter does the recipe yield? One pan of muffin?

    Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  7. Parker

    I agree I like mini stuff – muffins, cookies etc… that way i just get a taste and do not have to waste anything. This look tasty and cute.

  8. Salt & Turmeric

    Oh so CUTE! i have a thing for cute size food too. hehe. i made banana cake on sunday but it didn rise up properly. i shudv adopted ur muffin recipe.

    i cant believe there’s still ppl complaining abt butter! im pretty sure stick butter is available around the world. :P

  9. GirlCanBake

    Great photos! I also just love to bake on Sunday afternoons. So comforting and relaxing! These muffins look simple and really wonderful!

  10. chefledarney

    Great post, your blog is wonderfully clean, crisp and full flavor.

    “I love everything mini” now that’s a great statement.

  11. Jo

    I love this simple yet delicious looking muffins. It gives me some idea what I wanna bake for my son’s birthday party. Love your your photographs as usual.

  12. diva

    your photo experimentation has produced really lovely photos! beautiful muffins although i’m a giant-muffin-gal. a small one wouldn’t feed be enough.. can i have the whole tray please ;)

  13. ivy

    Hi, I’d been reading your blog for a while now and I love it. I am a Malaysian that is currently relocated to Santa Ana, CA. Knowing your live in Irvine, I was wondering where do you get all your fresh “Asian” ingredients? I’d been to City of Saigon at Westminster and is wondering if there is any other Asian market closed by.
    You are absolutely doing a fantastic job in introducing the Malaysian food to the world. Thank’s.

  14. Jen Yu

    Oh! These are the cutest muffins ever. I too like small muffins (small pastries too). I like to tell folks that it’s because I don’t eat that much, but really – it’s so I can sample more variety, ah ha ha ha! You’re becoming a pro baker, hon :)

  15. Love, TasteSpotting

    aw,thank you for the welcome back! for some reason, when this was submitted to TasteSpotting, the photo cropped weird…would you mind resubmitting? would LOVE to see these on TS :D

  16. Ling's Passion

    I love these delicious looking muffins. But love the pictures most, you take such wonder pictures.

  17. Fern

    Your mini raspberry muffin recipe sounds easy to follow. I am going to make some raspberry muffins for my co-workers.

  18. Shirley

    I’ve tried baking some muffins with this recipe. I do not know what went wrong but the muffins which I’ve baked turned out nothing look like a decent muffin. What went wrong? ;(

  19. Triona

    Hi! I love this recipe! I made them earlier this week, and they were gone in a few hours! I’m making them again today! Do you know if they will freeze well?

  20. Kim Moran

    These were great! made way more than 24 mini muffins…am excited to do the second batch with milk chocolate chips since my dad only eats stuff with Chocolate in it. Love him, and love this recipe!

  21. I just baked them and not only our home smells delicious, they are very tasty and creamy. Thanks for sharing the recipe and the lovely pics :)

  22. Adeline Lee

    May I ask how is the texture of the muffins? Does it look like cup cake? I understand that muffins have a rough texture, no creaming of butter and sugar. Thanks.

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