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Miso-Marinated Sea Bass Recipe

Miso-Marinated Sea Bass
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I love Nobu’s black cod with miso, but it’s not easy to find fresh black cod in the market, at least not in my neighborhood. So I used Chilean sea bass instead. I love Chilean sea bass–the flesh is always so moist, tender, silky, and sweet. I also love the texture and the mouth feel of Chilean sea bass…it’s absolutely perfect for this miso recipe…

As I made the sea bass with its skin on (which can be rather fishy), I added some ginger juice to the marinate to rid the potential fishy smell. I was right, the fatty skin of sea bass was fishy, so consider yourself warned if you try this sea bass recipe.

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  1. tigerfish

    I made grilled salmon fillet with an indoor grill before, and skin-on! I love crispy fish skin but when I put it on the grill, it always tend to turn out more rubbery than crispy, and slightly fishy too. I think have to deep fry the fish to have crispy fish skin. 炸鱼皮 is a snack to nibble on too… provided it’s not fishy!

  2. Manggy

    Well, that looks gorgeous! I have nothing against fish skin, heh :) So we’ll just have to see. Unfortunately, most fish here is sold under Filipino names, so I’ll have to figure out which is which :/

  3. Precious Pea

    Wow..your seabass is glowing!!! Actually the first thing I will attack with fillet like this is the skin. Crispy and tasty.

  4. Anonymous

    The photo is lovely, and it sounds delicious, but you may want to consider the following when choosing Chilean Sea Bass: Not trying to preach – just asking folks to make conscious, informed food choices.

  5. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    the prob is the miso paste comes in half kgs packs here n keeps like 3 mths after opening it…unless i eat miso paste fish everyday haha..i usually slab miso paste all over the fish..still tastes great!..

  6. Anonymous

    it’s a tough call what you’re asking on the poll.

    after long debates i went with the black cod.

  7. Ellie @ Kitchen Wench

    Hmmm, since I don’t like my fish too fishy (if that even makes sense), I throw my vote with the cod for now :) Both look gorgeous and I’d be happy to have either on my plate!

  8. diva@theSugarBar

    good move on the mirin and palm sugar. i agree, i usually find sea bass alot fishier than others. my mum loves to bake cod with miso and thank goodness that isn’t fishy.
    great photo once again!x

  9. SteamyKitchen

    sea bass is my fav fish in the world…but way too expensive where I live – $24 per pound!

  10. Cindy. Lo.

    I got that Nobu cook book too,
    It’s awesome,
    Everything looks great,
    And I like your twist on the original recipe!

  11. Nilmandra

    Lovely! Reminds of the miso salmon and miso trout that I tend to make (easier to get those fish here). Not thought of adding ginger juice to the marinade, good idea, I’ll note that down :)

  12. Keropok Man

    i could have a few helpings of that. just look at the top of it. it makes me want have that now.

  13. mycookinghut

    Seabass is always my favourite. Great piece of bass! I am sure the ginger juice is a great idea.

  14. Mei

    This looks amazing and for someone who hasn’t had fish in a long time, I was so tempted to lick the screen.


  15. U.Lee

    Hi Bee, came across your blog while surfing for Nonya food.
    Wow! I sure looked at your food pictures with lust. Love the yong tow fu. I love Nonya food as my parents were of that genes, though maybe with some opium smugglers and pirate ancestors background.
    My wife is not a Nonya, and her Malay vocab consist of to date 12 words picked up from me, words normally associated when someone cuts across my path on the road.
    Noodles and food that prison inmates might appreciate she was the only SYT (sweet young thing) that invited me to try her cooking, others preferred food courts.
    But I guess she with her strong maternal instincts wanted tall children as I am tall. She learned from her Nonya friends to make sambal belachan Nonya style and other noted Nonya dishes that no Nonya worth her bedak sejuk can’t cook with eyes closed.
    Still not sure whether it was her delicious Nonya food or her beauty…but today I get to eat yong tau fu like in your beautiful pictures.
    Have a wonderful mothers day, best regards, Lee.

  16. syrie

    Beautiful photograph. I haven’t tried Chilean sea bass before but I’ve seen it at the fish shop. You’ve inspired me to try it.

  17. Nina

    Hi Bee, I love your blog and have been making many of your special lunar new year recipes over the past weeks. They have all been delicious and my Chinese family loves them! We live in VT so the yummy soups have been keeping us warm! :) I know this chilean sea bass post is old, but I thought I would let you know that the fish, chilean sea bass, is very overfished and endangered now. I thought you might want to know. As a fellow seafood lover, I have found this site: to be very helpful in picking fish that is not in danger of becoming overfished/extinct, etc. Thanks for reading! Wishing you good luck and prosperity this year with your new cookbook! Warmly, Nina

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