Sambal Asparagus Recipe
July 12th, 2009 28 Comments

Sambal Asparagus Recipe

Sambal Asparagus with Scallops

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(Gallery updated with sambal asparagus with prawns/shrimps.)

Sambal is core to many signature Malaysian recipes. In its most basic composition, sambal is a condiment or chili paste made with chilies and belacan (Malaysian shrimp paste), although other ingredients such as garlic, shallots, lemongrass, galangal, etc. might be added to suit each individual recipe. Traditionally pounded with a mortar and pestle, sambal is the magic ingredient for numerous scrumptious local fares: sambal udang (prawn), sambal sotong (squid), sambal telur (eggs), sambal okra, asparagus, and the list goes on.

Sambal asparagus can be made with either shrimps or scallops. (I have pictures of both versions in the gallery.) For the asparagus, I simply chop off 1 inch to 1.5 inches (depending on the toughness) of the bottom stem and slice all stems into half so the asparagus cooks evenly. You can also use a peeler to remove the skin of the stems. I usually skip this step merely because of convenience.

This is my sambal asparagus recipe, including my sambal recipe. Sambal asparagus is delicious with a lot of depth in its taste and it goes extremely well with steamed white rice.  I finished two servings of rice just by drenching it with the sambal sauce. Yummy!

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  1. hcpen says:

    gosh…hmmm…i love sambal!!

    • I love sambal too, but it does fill my house with the after cooking smell. :(

      • Morganz says:

        That’s the price of loving something…the good with the bad. However, whenever cook something heavy like, sambal, ikan bakar etc, I’ll light a couple of incense/joss sticks (I use lavender or rose) at least one or two in the kitchen and a couple more in the adjacent dining and living rooms, it does help. : )

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  3. zenchef says:

    That looks so delicious bee. I had shrimp and asparagus sambal before but i love your scallop variation. I’m a sucker for scallops. Never tried to make it myself though. Thanks for sharing your recipe! :-)

  4. jo says:

    This is absolutely delicious and it’s true that sambal is the essence of any Malaysian dish. Hehe and I too probably can polish off 2 servings of rice with this. Yum!

  5. rachel ong says:

    hello bee, first, i have to say, beautiful pics and website. love it. must read everyday :)
    my question is if we make the sambal paste, do we need to add balacan also? if u blend the chillies, u add water or oil? the color is really nice( red). any trick to do this?
    thank you

    • Thanks Rachel. When you blend the chilies, there is no need to add water because fresh chilies has water, and so do garlic and shallots. I didn’t add belacan into the sambal chili paste because I prefer to add it separately during the cooking process to suit each individual recipe as some recipes call for more belacan while others a little bit. The color is from the fresh red chilies.

  6. rachel ong says:

    hi, is me again. a great question for u, i know u travel a lot plus u always go back to penang a lot.. must know lots of great restaurant, my mom is having her 60’s birthday, any suggestions for the good restaurant? buffet style? or vegetarian restaurant? thank you so much:)

  7. Valerie says:

    Hi Bee,

    Your sambal asparagus recipe looks good. I am expecting now and dislike veggie. Maybe I can try this since I like spicy food. Can I use pre-made sambal?


  8. Your Sambal Asparagus looks really yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe for sambal paste. I love homemade chilli paste.

  9. joey says:

    Oooh! This looks so good! Love sambal and I think my bottle in the fridge still has a good amount – I usually buy ready made sambal but now that I have your recipe I can try making my own :)

  10. wah, this looks so nice! great idea..sambal, scallops and asparagus. look forward to give this a try for my fmly soon.

  11. tigerfish says:

    I miss using scallops in my recipes! Here, they are expensive and don’t even know how fresh it is. :(

    • Tiga – I think they are all so frozen dead looking…well at least in Penang, I saw some frozen ones…not too appetizing. Costco’s scallops are great, fresh, big, and succulent. :)

  12. NYMY says:

    I am not a big fan of asparagus. But I am definitely a fan for this, yet again, wonderful recipe from you. Sambal asparagus! Who would have think of that?

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  14. Tim Tio says:

    Hi Bee

    Just to say Hi and thank you for the wonderful recipes especially those that are related to the wonderful Island of Penang.

    Warmest regards
    Good Luck
    April 2 2011

  15. suealan says:

    I found ready made prawn paste for prawn mee, but have been using it to fry Okra, Yam leave, Kangkoong, Asparagus, french and long beans. All you need to do is adding a little chilli or fish/soya sauce if you like it hotter and saltier. You can also used the paste to marinade prawns for 10 minutes before BBQ. Very convenient and save time.

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  17. Vickie says:

    do you have a recipe for pork chow main?

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