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Strawberry Scones

Strawberry Scones
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It’s strawberry season and every market you go, there are plenty of fresh, big, juicy, sweet, ripe strawberries on sale. In Irvine, there are still many strawberry farms around, and some of them are right off the roads. I was driving by one of the main roads in Irvine one early morning and saw the hardworking workers harvesting the strawberries. I couldn’t help it but went straight to the farmers market right next to it and bought two boxes of them.

Strawberry Scones

The good news about strawberry is that everyone in my family loves it, including my picky eating toddler. He had two big and juicy strawberries that day and asked for more. As a mother, I couldn’t be happier that he is eating healthy and that he loves his fruit. I decided to use some of the strawberries to make strawberry scones for breakfast the next morning.

I love my scones with strawberry jam but adding some chopped fresh strawberries into the scones just makes everything so much better. We all loved this wonderful strawberry scones recipe and I am very sure that I will be making a lot of these this season.

Happy Memorial day weekend and have a fun, safe, and wonderful time with your family!

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  1. Pey-Lih

    These scones look super yummy! So glad to see that you’re diversifying your recipes and branching out into other areas of cooking.

      • Bryan

        Fair enough Bee, I was being tongue in cheek though. I suppose this is the way things are going, SE Asia wants Western food, so maybe it is right to have it on a Malaysian/Asian website:-)

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