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Taiwanese Shaved Ice with Fruits

Taiwanese Shaved Ice with Fruits

It’s scorching hot in the United States now and the weather map is seeing RED and ORANGE all across the continent!

In hot weather like this, I turn to shaved ice to cool down my body and quench my thirst. Here is the Taiwanese shaved ice with fresh fruits recipe in my cookbook “Easy Chinese Recipes.”

In recent years, shaved ice has certainly gained popularity here, with many Chinese, Taiwanese dessert shops sprouting up all over Chinatown or Asian suburbs. You don’t have to live in one of those ares to enjoy this refreshing, cooling, and soothing desserts. I really love this simple shaved ice recipe: icy cold, flavored with syrup and topped with an assortment of fruits you like. It is excellent for blistering hot summer days.

I don’t have a shave ice machine but a regular blender will do even though the texture is not as fine. If you have a shaver by all means use it so the texture is snowy and fine. Add more and a variety of different toppings as you wish: fruits, red bean, boba…the more the merrier.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Corrie

    BRRRRRR to cold here at the moment for ice, but it is definitely going on my to make list this summer….when it finally arrives!! :-)

  2. Cold water is the best way to kill heat. Keep yourself dehydrated with plain water or water mixed with glucose. Fruits, ice creams, cold drinks, energy drinks are also other ways to beat heat during summer.

  3. Susan

    I might have some of these in the summer, but definitely not in the winter. Plus, some of them look disgusting!

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