Wonton Noodles (Malaysian Wantan Mee)
July 22nd, 2012 24 Comments

Wonton Noodles (Malaysian Wantan Mee)

Wonton Noodles (Malaysian Wantan Mee)
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Fern at To Food with Love is a reader of Rasa Malaysia. She often leaves me sweet comments on my recipes, and that’s exactly how I found out her absolutely mouthwatering and delicious blog To Food with Love. A fellow Malaysian who currently resides in Sydney, Fern shares many home-cooked recipes ranging from Malaysian, Chinese, western, baking to desserts. I am particularly drawn to her gorgeous food photography on the site. Please welcome Fern to Rasa Malaysia, with the wonton noodles or Malaysian Wantan Mee recipe. Anthony Bourdain had it in the Penang episode so now the world wants to learn how to make it. Enjoy!

Hello everyone! I’m Fern from To Food with Love, where I share my favourite recipes for home-style Asian cooking and popular Asian street food. I am delighted that Bee has given me this amazing once in a blog-time opportunity to do a guest post on Rasa Malaysia. This is even better than that plane ticket I won ten years ago! Like Bee, I also spent my childhood days in Malaysia, oftentimes a willing spectator, milling around my mother’s kitchen, waiting to execute my duties as the official “taste-tester”.

It was tough choosing a dish to feature in this post, as Bee has covered almost every well-known Malaysian dish on her website, and I didn’t want to repeat any recipes from my previous posts either. I finally settled on Wonton Noodles, because apparently, Anthony Bourdain had a taste of it in Penang and now the whole world wants some wontons too!

Wonton Noodles

Wonton Noodles are known in Chinese dialect as “Wantan Mee”, as the locals would call it. I’m guessing that most of you would be more familiar with the version you get at Hong Kong-style eateries where the noodles don’t look as dark (in all fairness) as the one you see here. This version of “Wantan mee with black sauce” is typically found in KL and the northern part of West Malaysia, including Penang. I was telling Bee that where I come from, the Wonton Noodles are served with an orangey-coloured chilli sauce instead, that is just particular to my hometown. Anyway, I haven’t managed to replicate that sauce yet, but I think I’ve come close with this black version, after a few attempts.

In Malaysia, the basic Wonton Noodles are usually egg noodles tossed in a sauce, topped with Char Siu (Bbq pork), wontons, choy sum and pickled green chillies. I should emphasize that the pickled green chillies are as essential to this dish as are the rest of the ingredients to achieve that authentic balance, and they are really easy to prepare too. In fact, if you just use store-bought Char Siu (or even wontons too), making this dish is really easy. Just make sure that you get good quality fresh egg noodles (not too thin) and your favourite brand of ready-made wonton skins.

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  1. This looks delicious Fern! I’m a big fan of her blog and I was so happy to see her post here. She does take amazing food pictures and I’m always drooling over her recipes. Thanks Bee for inviting Fern. Wonton noodles sounds awesome!

  2. Jackie B says:

    Hi Fern and Bee, this is absolute my fav noodle too. Growing up, I used to visit with my grandma in Changkat Tembaga in Green Lane. And in the arvo, the tok tok mee cart would come by, tooting it’s horn, calling out for customers. I have fond memories of Pennang and this dish. I still always save the wontons for the last mouthful ;) Thx so much for this beautiful post!

  3. Farah C says:

    Finally a recipe for wan tan mee which reveals the secret sauces. I’ve been scouring the net looking for the secret black sauce and it turns out to be mushroom sauce! I had gotten the seasoning sauces down but it was missing a key ingredient! Now I know it’s mushroom, I’m kicking myself for not recognizing the smoky taste. Thank you!

  4. What a delicious and heartwarming wonton noodles recipe. I love the post from Fern. I’m an instant fan now. And I love the spread of various noodles you shared here, Bee ! What a perfect line-up. I’m bookmarking this for my recipe files. Thanks for making my cooking easier!

  5. Marani Faham Walou via Facebook says:

    les nouilles avk les moustique pfffffffffffffff délicieux

  6. Myen Smart via Facebook says:

    Huaaaaaa..thanks for sharing!! Been looking for it…. :)

  7. Finally, got the mushroom sauce recipe which I had been hunting high and low for over a long time. Thx so much !!

  8. I actually Have your char siew recipe in the oven now. I know what I am having for breakfast!!

  9. Camemberu says:

    WOW! I LOVE this kind of dark wanton noodles! It’s so hard to find in Singapore! Must make this someday! Thanks for the detailed recipe!

  10. im going to try this tomorrow. Printing now.

  11. joey says:

    Now my tummy is rumbling! So happy to have stumbled on this and on your blog Fern! Asian food truly rocks! :)

  12. Elaine Ng says:

    Fern, keep up the good work (recipes) and good food photography skill!

  13. Wow, all my favourite flavours/ingredients in one dish. Bring it on.

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  15. OrGreenic says:

    Delicious recipe. It seems really interesting to see a wanton noodle recipe that has a black sauce. Thanks for posting.

  16. junhoe says:

    Thanks for the recipe. It was quite a bit more complicated than another version using fried onion oil and I was hoping for a different taste, but both version tasted quite similar. And still it’s not quite up to the taste of outside hawker stalls…. the search continues!

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  18. Chan says:

    Try add some pork lark oil,then u get what u want to taste the same liked outside stall. Thks for the saesoning sauce.

  19. Chaloha says:

    The sauce for dressing the noodle is key. For those of us nostalgic for the authentic hawker flavor, dark soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and sriracha sauce will do the trick. Oyster sauce and sesame oil will not actually taste right.

  20. Fonger says:

    I live in Southern California… does anyone think Mexican pickled jalapenos (or the like) that are available everywhere here will work for the pickled green chillies?

    • I am not sure as I have never tasted them.

      • Otto says:

        I just came across the yummie Wonton noodles malaysian style on RasaMalaysia`s. You were mentioning sort of an orangey-coloured chilli Sauce you usually serve with them.This strongly reminds me on the one I got in chinese hawker`s when ordering BBQ-meatsausages. Kindly would you let me how to prepare this deliciouse Sauce!?
        Tq so much…..

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  22. Sedap nya mee wantan tuuuuuuu… lama dah mengidam nak makan.. tp tak tahu nak beli kat mana :(

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