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  1. That looks so yummy! And you are so right about pairing it with nasi minyak. Perfect combo! I recall devouring ayam masak merah during kenduri and what not :)

  2. when was the last time i had it?should be more then 10yrs ago!am followed your recipe,result…..fantastic yuumy,thank you Bee!

  3. i was just watching AFC on chef wan this afternoon and he was cooking this ayam masak merah along with 2 other rendang dishes. I’m not really sure if i had eaten this dish, maybe i have but didnt know the name and it sure looks so attractive and unique flavour due to the ketchup and the spices in it. Wonderful guest post and so appropriate during this festive season!

  4. waaaah! this is my second time to encounter this recipe in my blogroll. hahaha this means i have to make it! haha i’m filipino and i’ve never made this before, but i’d like to believe this is definitely a must try. the pictures i’ve seen were mouthwatering. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe,can’t wait to try it!
    Please tell me how much turmeric/turmeric powder I should use to rub the meat.
    Wish me luck!!!

  6. I loved this recipe.. Planning to make it in the next week.
    I have a question, can we omit galangal or is there any other substitute for it? Will the dish taste as wonderful even without galangal?

  7. I cooked this today. I like the taste but the coconut milk has a taste. I live in Minnesota and I bought the Aroy-D coconut milk for cooking. Any suggestion what type of coconut milk is the best to get in USA/

  8. made this last night…. was a hit!!! thank you!!!
    I used my new gadget to “fry” the chicken (without oil) and it turned out great!!!!

  9. Where i live , u dont get lemongrass. So can i use any other substitute? plz let me know. coz i plan to make this dish very soon & it looks really yummy in da pic

    • I love Ayam Masak Merah and will cook this tonight for Ramadan. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

      GSN: Depending where you live (I live on US East Coast) many of the bigger grocery stores now have an Indian or Oriental/ International sections for these spices. If not, they are easily obtained from an Indian grocery market (I’m assuming you are not living in Malaysia or Singapore). Many Asian supermarkets in bigger cities also stock these basic spices as well as galangal and lemongrass -they’re now easier to obtain now thanks to a bigger interest in Thai and East Asian cooking in this country. Of course, nothing beats getting these items fresh from home.

  10. Hi, was wondering what kind of canned tomato soup (the creamy ones?) Or which brand do u normally use? Missing this dish and I’m planning to cook it during Ramahdan.

  11. How many ml of tomato soup does the recipe calls for? And what brand of vanned tomato soup are you using?

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