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Asian-Brined Pork Chops

Asian-Brined Pork Chops
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Once in a while, I have a sudden craving for pork chops (check out my Peking pork chop recipe) and I would always ask Mr. Rasa Malaysia to buy the Taiwanese fried pork chops back home for me. There is this restaurant nearby his office that I love: battered and deep-fried glorious pork chop, specked with black pepper.

However, in recent months, the quality of their pork chops have really gone down the hill. Instead of a thick succulent piece of meat, they have “downsized” the pork chop to a thin slice, and as a result, what we get is a piece of tough, chewy, greasy, battered-laden jerky. We were so disappointed.

Asian-Brined Pork Chops

Last weekend, I thought I would try to make my own pork chops, but the thought of making Peking pork chop is a little overwhelming on a leisure Saturday. And as I was browsing through the stack of magazines piling high up on the kitchen counter, I found a recipe in the January issue of Food & Wine magazine that looks absolutely mouthwatering: Asian-brined pork chops doused in a brine of soy sauce, mirin, ginger, sesame oil, and even orange. A recipe like this is sure to fire up my appetite.

So I got myself some thick pieces of pork chops, thanks to the deprivation from the Taiwanese restaurant. After eight magic hours of soaking in the brine, we had these wonderful Asian-brined pork chops for our lunch. Sinking my teeth into the juicy pieces of pork chops, I reveled in the meatiness of the pig. It was a satisfying meal!

If you like pork chops, try this and choose the thickness you like.

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  1. This really does look good. We’ve brined turkey and chicken but haven’t yet tried pork. Bound to make the meat juicy and flavourful.

  2. suziwombat

    I remember mum visiting me in Sydney and she was slightly appalled at the idea of brining meat. It seems that soaking meat in water solution is against every principle of Chinese cooking (my mum’s way that is! She’s Hainanese!). Think I managed to convince her with the finished product ;-) So I am very sure that this is a fantastic recipe and will try it myself very soon. I used to make pork chops and have given up because they dried out like old leather! haha

  3. Joanne Lagueux

    Delicious!!! I’m not one to review a recipe when I’ve made modifications to a few ingredients, but I have to make an exception here. I used a lemon because I was out of oranges. I added a little bit of brown sugar to account for the bitterness of the lemons. I left out the chilies because I don’t like them! I meant to throw in some red pepper flakes, but I forgot. I used my own foolproof cast iron skillet method for chops. These pork chops were amazing! I usually brine pork chops because it’s a pretty good way of ensuring moist chops, but the flavor of these puts this brine at the top of my list! Next time I will make sure I have oranges. Thanks for another wonderful recipe. Next on my list are the chocolate chip meringue cookies. :)

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