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Bell Pepper Chicken

Bell Pepper Chicken
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There are three main elements to Chinese cooking: color, aroma, and taste, or in Chinese 色香味. Color is very important as food is supposed to appeal visually to the eyes, and hence stimulates one’s appetite. When I was making this bell pepper chicken, I made sure that I incorporated the element of color into this dish, and used both green and red bell peppers to accompany the chicken meat to bring out the beautiful color of the dish.

Anyway, I often make bell pepper chicken for my family. The reason is simple: it is bursting with the aroma and peppery flavor of the bell peppers and the light sauce pairs well with the chicken (click for more recipes using chicken). I also like to add some fresh button mushrooms for an extra layer of taste to this recipe.

Bell Pepper Chicken

Anyone can attempt this bell pepper chicken recipe at home as it calls for everyday ingredients that you can get at any stores or market. Plus the recipe is very versatile and you can use the protein of your choice: beef, pork, shrimp, or fish fillet. For the mushroom, I like fresh button mushroom but you can also use shiitake mushroom or canned mushroom. It is your personal preference.

Now, feast your eyes with the colorful gallery I have above. Bon appetit!

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  1. This is super duper easy. These days I need dishes like this as I find I’m getting pretty tired after a long day at work. Makes it easier. Thanks!

  2. Angela Jaafar

    Made this last night for dinner, but doubled the recipe since I was serving a family of five. It turned out really really well! I was surprised since I didn’t think the sauce would be enough. The chicken was juicy and while my husband complained it wasn’t spicy enough, (orang Melayu, they want everything to be loaded with chili hehe) I was thrilled my three kids ate it up. Thanks again!

    P.S. please consider adding more traditional Malay recipes since they are definitely a family favorite.

  3. regina

    my mom is under medicatation and has lost a bit of taste on food.But after I cooked BELL PEPPER CHICKEN. she commented good and nice and ate more rice than usual yesterday.thanks for this recipe, it had helped me.

  4. Hya

    Hi! This may seem like a stupid question but what do you mean by “5 slices of Ginger”? I’m sorry… I’m a complete beginner… BTW I just love your website! :)

  5. Hya

    I was just wondering how big the slices were supposed to be- will figure it out. Thank you for writing back. :)

  6. Martha

    I just made Pepper Chicken for the first time last night. Wow! So incredibly EASY to prepare–took 15 minutes to prepare marinade and the sauce. The aroma from the marinating chicken alone was delicious; the finished product smelled, looked and tasted like a dish from a Chinese Restaurant. My only suggestion would be to mince the ginger root. It was not good to bite into a ginger slice, too spicy. Otherwise I give this recipe A+++++

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