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November 15th, 2009 70 Comments

Butter Cookies Recipe

Butter Cookies
Butter Cookies pictures (5 of 5)

How time flies.

It was just like yesterday when the world was gearing up for Y2K bug and the potential millennium meltdown; fast forward 10 years, we are counting down to 2010, and 45 days left on 2009.

It’s almost that time of year again.

I might be slightly early this year in terms of baking, but I have good reasons. I am entering this post to Bon Appetit’s Blog Envy Holiday Bake-Off event. I baked some butter cookies, using a traditional Malaysian cookie recipeMalay kuih semperit. Kuih semperit are commonly served during Muslim festivities in Malaysia.

What’s so great about this butter cookies recipe? They are sweet, buttery, extremely crumbly, light, and airy. They make a great dessert for the upcoming holidays.

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  1. simon says:

    love the cookies but is there anything else beside these that you made. i’m looking for something different.

  2. meeso says:

    Oh yum, they are so small and cute… great for gift giving :)

  3. niki says:

    just wanted to know what is SPRAY?

  4. The Purple Foodie says:

    I love a goof butter cookie – delicate, light golden and full of childhood memories. I feel like baking them right away.

  5. Alta says:

    Sounds so wonderful. Good luck on the contest!

  6. Marie M. says:

    How on earth does one measure cooking spray? Seems impossible? Could you substitute another oil? Those cookies look so cute and yummy.

  7. peanutts says:

    these will make lovely gifts :) , plus great for kids to make looks cute :)

  8. These cookies are so beautiful, and a great for stocking stuffers!

  9. Yum! Yum, and looks easy to make!

  10. they look delicious and perfectly baked!

  11. These cookies are so cute! They look delicious!

  12. babe_kl says:

    great to know you’re baking something sweet :D

  13. Good luck on the contest. These not only look delicious but too cute to eat! Who can say no to Butter cookies… Yummy :-)

  14. nettles says:

    Just wondering, how many does this recipe make? And what size are your cutters?

    And thank you for weight measurements! Flour can be tricky. I ended up with a strange [but delicious] shortbread rendition once.

  15. Hawiza Sharpe says:

    Is full cream milk the same as whole milk?

  16. Perfect timing…I was looking for a good cookie recipe!!!

  17. Dina says:

    these look very yummy. i love good butter cookies too!

  18. PL Leong says:

    Had just found your blog & I am thoroughly enjoying it. If we don’t have the spray, can we omit it or replace with margarine?


  19. Laney says:

    I was confused abt all purpose flour…is it plain flour?


  20. yanlin says:


    I have tried to butter cookies recipes so far. One from the joy of baking website and another from a blog i chanced upon. the 2nd recipe only called for flour, butter and egg and caster sugar. And personally, i feel that it tasted better. it has a stronger butter taste, not covered by the taste from the vanilla extract. I am also very intrigued by how the proportions of the ingredients are so different. Anyone care to explain? And maybe someone could try the recipe too? Would like to listen to more opinions from others. Looking forward to ur replies!

    here is the recipe: http://playkeen.blogspot.com/2009/01/disney-and-sanrio-friends.html

  21. hate liquid weight says:

    Just a suggestion… USE DRY WEIGHT!!! so troublesome for people who don’t have a weigher

  22. ttac says:

    I made this today. half the portion. They are wonderful!!! Melts in your mouth!!! Can’t wait to make more of these.

  23. Ethal says:


    I have tried your recipe. It’s great. I always looked forward to Hari Raya when I was young because of this butter cookies. Yummilicious.
    I have omitted the spray instead. Will try to substitute it with margarine the next batch.
    By the way, did you use unsalted butter or salted butter? I tried with unsalted one. Is it the right one? The batter is too soft to cut with the cutters and I ended up using free hand. How did you manage to the shape so perfectly? I tried cooling it in the fridge but to no avail. It softened faster than I can finish the whole procedure.

    • I used unsalted butter anyway, the measurement is very precise so you should be able to use cookie cutter. I have tried this recipe many times with no problem.

  24. Ethal says:

    I tried again this evening and it’s still the same. Can’t cut nicely with the cutters. I think it’s the cutter’s problem. This time, I used the silicone cake mould. I need to bake twice. The 2nd time I removed them from the mould and bake again for another 15 mins. It worked.
    How long did you beat the batter with the mixer? Does the duration and the speed of the mixer affect the batter? Everything turned out nice – tasty and melting in the mouth. But it’s too soft and light that it breaks easily. I beat the sugar batter in high speed until it turned pale yellow. Then another 10 mins for the final mixing. Is it correct? I’m sorry for so many questions. I’m a novice in baking.

  25. SP says:

    Thanks. My daughter enjoy to do this cookies.

  26. Erin says:

    I can’t find the converter for the measurements. This recipe looks so yummy by the way!

  27. SNOOCH to Da NOOCH says:


  28. Salma says:

    what do you mean cream butter with spray? What if I don’t have spray? How do I complete the 1st step?

  29. mary jeanette says:

    wow! i like the pictures u posted! question, is butter cookies the same as sugar cookies?

  30. Teresa F. says:

    Your recipe sounds good. I love how the cornstarch makes the cookies tender. I’ve never seen a cookie recipe requiring cooking spray mixed into the dough.

    Did you not find that you need to dip the cutters into flour between use? I would think they would get a bit sticky between cookies.

  31. lijokmai says:

    okay I tried to converted the oz to cup of butter on the conversion tool but it wouldn’t let.. HElp!

  32. Abhi says:

    Can I use 2% milk instead of whole, I don’t use whole milk so don’t want to buy gallon or half just for 2 tblspns. Thinking of making these tomorrow, so immediate help needed?

  33. KOCH MAY HONG says:

    Would like to ask 3 oz of icing sugar for the recipe right? confuse about how much of sugar? is it all using icing sugar or use caster sugar? what is the different between it.


  34. Your cookies and cakes look heaven sent. I am in awe at how amazing these look. What a gift! My birthday is the 3rd and I would kill for an almond cake like the one above.

  35. Muki says:

    Can i use Wheat flour instead of All purpose flour… as i want these cookies for my 18 mts old boy.

  36. Madi says:

    Love your blog? 2 questions. 1) Can I substitute 1tbsp Pam cooking spray with 1 tbsp canola oil? 2) if omit 1 tbsp Pam spray, will the dough be dry and hence affect end product? TIA.

  37. Brenda says:

    When you mentioned cream butter with spray,sugar,egg yolk and vanilla extract until fluffy, can I use the electric mixter to do it?

  38. Leo gal says:

    U mentioned cream butter with spray,sugar,egg yolk,salt and vanilla extract until fluffy, is it suppose to use those electric mixer for make cake? After which add in milk and mix well using the electric mixer? Your reply is greatly appreciated. I can’t wait to bake it for my sons. Thks

  39. carri says:

    are these old islamic? im doing a schoold project and i was wondering if this would work

  40. Leena says:

    Want to make some, but please can you tell me what can I use instead of egg as I am allergic to eggs.

  41. sam says:

    can I use corn flour instead of corn starch

  42. Bee says:

    OMG, I tried making these and they came out light and crumbly! Its incredible. Can’t stop eating them. Thank you for a great recipe.

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