French Snails (Bulots Mayonnaise) Recipe
February 04th, 2008 24 Comments

French Snails (Bulots Mayonnaise) Recipe

French Snails (Bulots Mayonnaise)

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In French cuisine, snail is a much celebrated delicacy. So, when I was in France, I did it the French way–chowing down a bowl of these sea snails/whelks, or Bulots in French. (Thanks Pip for your information.)

I absolutely loved them and couldn’t get enough. Served cold with garlic mayonnaise, all I could say was “C’est si bon!” (It is so good!)

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I found a recipe of Bulots Mayonnaise here, but for your convenience, I have summarized it below:

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  1. Manggy says:

    Yes, but I don’t think I could ever eat them cold. (Don’t like cold food..) But they are really good hot!

  2. Christine says:

    J’adore les escargots :) We also like to dip them in Nuoc cham – so addictive.

  3. Chuck says:

    I have to agree with Manggy. Hot is great. Cold… the jury is still out. I’ll have to try them cold before I can give you the final verdict.

  4. Big Boys Oven says:

    They are gorgeous and lovely! Had them in Paris & Belgium!

  5. pip says:

    your ‘sea snails’ are actually bulot in french, or whelks in english. land snails are escargots and tend to be cooked in garlic butter. personally, i prefer the bulots … you can buy them already cuit (cooked) from seafood stalls in france … and they are absolutely divine!

  6. mycookinghut says:

    I prefer them to be served warm and my favourite is Escargots de Bourgogne!!
    Simplement délicieux!

  7. Wandering Chopsticks says:

    Oh, I would devour them with a Vietnamese dipping sauce of fish sauce, chili peppers, lime, and ginger. Mmmm.

  8. Maya says:

    Hi Bee:

    Welcome Back! Looks like you had a great trip.
    Happy New Year!!

  9. Veron says:

    I say yum. Back in the Philippines we it big pots of snails cooked in ginger.

  10. May says:

    Oh man! These snails are exactly like those I ate in the Buffet prepared Chinese style. All you can eat, eat until pengsan.

  11. lucia says:

    yuck! don’t think i will like it. how does it taste like? mussel? balitong?

  12. JadedOne says:

    Yes!! I had these in France as well. They were so good. I prefer them over regular ole garden snails. Unfortunately, they also gave me food poisoning, but it was worth it haha.

  13. "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    how come err the escargots are so “small” compared to the big juicy ones we get..?

  14. YOYO Cooking says:

    tasty~ so nice photo

    and i’ll say:happy new year!happy new day!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had shrimp, crab, and fish (cerviche) hot or cold, depending on the dish. So I’d try snails cold, but I might switch back to the French way afterwards, since I love them that way.


  16. Rasa Malaysia says:

    All – thanks so much for your comments. Good stuff.

    Chuck – the seafood trays served in the restaurants in France are mostly cold/chilled seafood. I started to really like them cold. :)

    Lucia – they taste great. It’s like balitong, but without the slimey-ness. Really! If you like balitong, you will like it, they taste nothing like mussels, but with similar briny sweetness.

    JadedOne – me too. After I tasted these, I will say that I prefer them over escargots / garden snails. They are just very good.

    Joe – they are quite big, bigger than escargot.

  17. Syrie says:

    Yum! I will have to try these next time I am there.

  18. Judy says:

    I love them too in lemon chillie sauce. Yum!

  19. cherrypie says:

    Once again…….thanks for your butter cake recipe. I love baking cake but never turn out right. Most of the time my cake turn out dry even I follow step by step! I feel very proud after my friends tasted my cake. Oh!one more thing I want to share with you…I’m from Ipoh.

  20. Zen Chef says:

    I ate so many of those!
    So delicious but so hard to find in the US. I need to plan another ‘eating rampage’ in France.

  21. Anonymous says:

    i think c’est si bon is a wrong transalation..

    it should be c’est bon!..cause “c’est si bon” means if it IS good.

    c’est bonne comme ca

  22. joshua says:

    does anyone mind giving me some background info on this eating snail habbits?

  23. Christina says:

    I recently had bulots at a little French restaurant here in New York City where I live.

    I loved them and would like to find out where I can find them for purchase (preferably already cooked, but if that is an impossibility I’ll take them any way I can).

    Many thanks for any help you may offer.

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