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Honey Soy Chicken Wings

Honey Soy Chicken Wings
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Hello there my dear readers and fans, have you noticed anything different?

Yes, the new and updated design on Rasa Malaysia. Yay!

I haven’t updated¬†Rasa Malaysia for a while, well, not since the Coconut Shrimp post, which was posted on July 14, 2011. So it’s been almost 3 years ago that I worked on a major redesign on Rasa Malaysia. The reasons are very simple: I love my old design, I thought everything was very functional, it looked great, but most of all, I was just being lazy.

Honey Soy Chicken Wings

However, with the advances in new technology and the proliferation of mobile tablets and smart phones, people are accessing my site through these devices more these days. So in a few weeks, I am going to launch phase 2 of the design which will be responsive to your mobile devices for better user experience. Anyway, I hope you like the updated look. Everything works pretty much the same and the overall design is getting a facelift instead of a complete makeover. Please pardon the dusts in the next few weeks as we work to clean up the kinks, bugs, and the smaller details. Thanks in advance for your patience!

To celebrate the launch of this new design, I wanted to make something that would make my site look very delicious, and I thought of these gorgeous and absolutely scrumptious honey soy chicken wings. I saw a similar recipe from a Taiwanese cookbook in my good friend’s home and that inspired me to make these wings. This is my version of honey soy chicken wings using soy sauce, honey, sake, and mirin as the main ingredients.

Honey Soy Chicken Wings

These honey soy chicken wings are delicious and can be served any day, occasions, and great for parties. The taste is absolutely savory, sticky sweet (in a good way) and finger-licking good. If you love chicken wings, you would love them.

While you are checking out my recipe, don’t forget to check out the homepage of Rasa Malaysia. It looks awesome!

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  1. The new facelift looks really sleek and clean! I really like it :-). Do you do the whole thing yourself? Also, this recipe seems perfect for a weekday dinner! 30 mins marination and 15 mins cooking. We love chicken wings especially with sticky glazes.

  2. mekko

    Made these alongside coleslaw and fresh rice the other day! They were delicious. Will definitely make them again.

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