Madeleine Recipe
December 27th, 2009 35 Comments

Madeleine Recipe

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I am a Costco (a wholesale mega store in the US) junkie. I love shopping there and one of the items I often purchase from Costco is madeleine—an adorable shell-shaped French cake/cookie well loved by many.

Even though I love madeleine, I have never attempted to bake them at home. First of all, I am not a great baker and madeleine is one of those things that doesn’t deserve failure. Secondly, I actually like the wholesale madeleine at Costco—they are made by Sugar Bowl Bakery in San Francisco and have a firm texture yet delicately crispy at the same time. Finally, I don’t have a madeleine pan, until yesterday.

I got my pan at the outlet store, for a very low price. I had no more excuses not to make madeleine, plus my elder sister is in town and she loves eating little cakes with her morning coffee.

I did a thorough research for the best madeleine recipe online and finally turned to my favorite food blogs for inspirations. I checked out David Lebovitz, Chez Pim, 101 Cookbooks, Taste Buddies, My Cooking Hut and improvised their recipes to create my very own madeleine recipe.

It worked.

My madeleines are not perfect, but they are quite good—firm with crunchy edges, with the cutest signature humps! And yes, they are oh-so-good with a cup of hot coffee or tea.

RECIPE HERE: Madeleine Recipe
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  1. These are so cute! I have never tried making madeleines either. I’m not the greatest baker on the planet, so I often leave the trickier recipes to the pros. You have done beautifully with yours and you should be very proud!

  2. These look perfect to me. And beautiful photography once again. I’ll have to try to bake some myself sometime soon.

  3. jennyccy says:

    I am little bit confuse here. You put 2 eggs and extra 1 egg yolk, it mean there are 3 egg yolks in the bowl?

  4. tracieMoo says:

    great yummy treats! Have got to get the moulds and make some of these!

  5. Angie says:

    Those madeleines look good and well done on your first attempt.

  6. Costco…you either love it or hate it… but well done!

  7. tigerfish says:

    I always thought that madeleines look like the Kueh Bu Lu we have in Chinese New Year ;p

  8. Bee! I am so proud of you! You and your awesome baking skills! :D These look delish! And just because you’re so awesome! I’ll try them and tell you how much I enjoyed them! I promise! :) Improvised or not- they look gorgeous!!!

  9. David says:

    woah,i know these cookies!They are delicious,too bad my baking skills are non existent, i couldn’t even bake a premade lasagna w/out burning it a little lol. I’ll just wait til I make it back out to Cali and we all can enjoy these over a cup of tea.
    Cheers and thanks for sharing

  10. DailyChef says:

    Beautiful Madeleines! I’m a huge Costco fan too, and I agree, their Madeleines are quite good. Unfortunately, I can only buy them when I’m going to have guests over, because the portions are so big…

  11. natalie says:

    YUM! my sister and i love the ones from costco, and usually split the box! i still haven’t found a recipe that i like yet, so thanks for sharing!!! they look great!

  12. great job,,,these look very professional!

  13. These look delicious! Have never made them before, but they look do-able. :)

  14. I just recently got madeleine pans too, and the little cakes are so fun to bake! Can’t wait to use them more this year. Happy New Year!

  15. Syrie says:

    Hey Bee, Happy New Year and thanks for mentioning me. Your mads look gorgeous. I need to make them again!

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  17. Teng says:


    Is it possible this recipi have chinese version? My english standard is not that good, but I love your bakery, I study in Taiwan, really love malaysain foods, please advise.

    Thanks a lot!!.

  18. Anjali says:

    looks excellent. we are planning to try it out.

    where did you get the madeleine pans from?

  19. Elisha says:

    It’s stated in da recipe to melt da butter, but wldnt it b like oil?and i have a problem, as i am experiencing winter now, i tried whisking butter, but once i add the eggs in to whisk, da butter is alrdy starting to there any way to solve this?

    • Anjali says:

      yes, the butter will be oily once you melt it. pls go ahead.
      mix egg & sugar together (in a blender or electronic egg beater).

      Now combine the above to the baking pwdr + flour mix and continue with the main recipe.

  20. chris says:

    wow. these are awesome! :) i was lazy and just used two whole eggs and used lemon extract instead of lemon zest. these turned out AMAZING! the only thing is, has anyone experienced where the madeleines are baking too fast???

    mine get dark really quick and I end up baking them for about 6 minutes at 400 degrees instead of the whole 12. they come out done and awesome, so i’m not complaining, just wondering if anyone had that happen to them…

  21. Betsy Clequin says:

    Where can I buy a madeleine pan? Can I buy online?

  22. chilipadi says:

    Thanks for the recipe. Which outlet store in Cali can I find the pan? Love the madeleines sold in Costco. However, prefer to bake my own.

  23. SparklingRachel says:

    I absolutely love madeleine I actually grab these when I get my starbucks fix. Really need to stop that, but the madeleine encourages me to go there. Definitely going to give this recipe a try because it seems pretty easy and I found the pan. It was in the most random section in a Japanese market. I was looking for these for weeks!

  24. lijokmai says:

    Can someone here help me with oz, what is equipelent to cup.

    5 oz. sugar how many cups?
    5 oz. all purpose flour (sieved) how many cups?
    5 oz. unsalted butter (melted) hw many cups?


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