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Red Curry Recipe


Recipe: Thai Red Curry

4 oz. boneless and skinless chicken breast (cut into small cubes)
4 oz. big scallops
2 long beans (cut into 2-inch lengths)
Some thickly sliced carrot
1 kaffir lime leave (cut into fine thin strips)
1 tablespoon oil
1 1/2 tablespoon red curry paste ( I used Mae Ploy red curry paste)
2 teaspoons palm sugar
1/4 teaspoon fish sauce
80 ml. coconut milk
1/4 cup water


Heat up a small pot with the cooking oil. Saute the red curry paste until aromatic.  Add the scallops and chicken into the pot and stir well with the curry paste. Add coconut milk, water, long beans, carrots, kaffir lime leaves, and bring the curry to boil. Add fish sauce, palm sugar, and stir-continuously for 1o seconds or so, dish out and serve immediately with steamed jasmine rice.

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  1. yng

    Mmmmmmmmmm!! :D I’m drooling all over my keyboard!
    Curry will be very nice for cooling Spring, and it will only takes 30 minutes to make!
    Thank you for the recipe!

    • Happy Cook – yes, red curry sauce is very aromatic.

      PenangTuaPui – you will not find better red curries in Penang…you have to try this red curry recipe.

      Rachael – lucky you, of course, you will get the real authentic red curry!

  2. Forgor to say, I use Mae Ploy as well, the best ready made paste I’ve found, but I must say, my Thai teacher’s was wayyyyy beyound. A lot of efforts though….

    • Tummythoz – yeah, it’s a pity there aren’t big fresh scallops like these in Malaysia. They are best with red curry!

      Christelle – I like Mae Ploy but I also like Maesri. I can’t tell the difference, will have to try it side-by-side.

  3. Sangita

    Looks so good, cant wait to try out this recipie, I really like that you used the long bean with the chicken and scallops

  4. Craft Passion

    This is yummy!!! Everytime I look at your photos I am drooling and have the urge to go and get something similar to eat :p

  5. Oh yum!!! Love Thai curries and always try to have some packets of curry paste in my pantry…haven’t tried it with scallops yet…I can imagine how delicious this must be!

  6. I wish I could find the kaffir lime leaves around here… I picked up a pack of Malaysian curry powder at the store recently and it was good, but I know there’s no way It’s as good as this would be! If I ever get my hands on those darn lime leaves!!!

    • Peter Kong

      Few decades ago Asians living in western countries would dry leaves they were unable to get when they return home countries then pack and take it back with them. Probably next time your or any friends come you can ask them to buy and dry the kaffir lime leaves for you and take back.

      Nowadays it should be available in Asian shops in western countries cos they can even buy durians in UK.

  7. Wow, looks so good. I’m a huge fan of curries. Many people don’t realize the difference between North Indian and South Indian curries- they’re vastly different. Most of the ‘curries’ sold in Indian restaurants abroad are mostly the Northern versions.
    I’ve had Thai curries often, my sister makes them and I think they’re delicious. Are there different versions based on geography too?

  8. I just came across your site and I love it! Great job – the pictures are so great, everything looks so delicious!
    Asian food is one of my favorites so I cook Asian dishes pretty often. I’ll come back to your site to get some nice recipes to try.

  9. I LOVE Mae Ploy Red Curry Paste. I’ve made almost the exact same recipe with chicken or scallops, but not both together, I’ll have to try it. Your photo is gorgeous (as always!)

  10. jeanette

    I just discover your site and just love it. I am a Malaysian living in Austria so I miss Malaysian food too.

    • selmeralto

      I also live in Austria. I wonder whether you know where I can buy fresh Kaffir lime leaves, perhaps even a live plant/tree. Many thanks.

  11. Jinnie N.

    Delicious! I love curries, but am too intimidated to make it at home. I’ll definitely try this over the weekend~ :) I am new to your blog and loving it. Great photos & recipes!

  12. Samantha

    Just to share my experience on good food. Whoever likes curry….should go to this place at Solaris Mont Kiara……Is called Asian Terrace Restaurant…i’ve been there for 5-6 times since they opened…..Almost all their food is really great.

  13. snowypeach5

    I made this and it was sooooo yummy. my husband doesn’t like curry usually but he loved this. can i link to your recipe from my blog?

  14. Teresa

    This recipe is a ten! Quick and easy. I doubled the recipe and two of us ate it all in one sitting. I added chopped bok choy at the very end because I had it on hand and wanted to use it up.

  15. chowqueen

    Im sooo happy i found this site…I am planning to open a little malaysian resto here in our place…but the problem is where can I buy autehntic malaysian ingredients? I live in the philippines…thank you

    • Peter Kong

      Guess the only way for you to get Malaysian ingredients will be thru friends of yours coming to Penang or Malaysia.

      You will have to make a comprehensive list of everything you need and pass to a trustworthy friend (with the money) coming over here to buy for you. Your friend can then pack them carefully and mail them to you or get the suppliers to send them to you.

      If you have the items, you should be able to get the contact address and emails of the suppliers to contact them direct.

      Hope this helps. Good luck and wish you every success in your coming venture.

  16. Rosemary Joseph

    Hi! I tried out the recipe nd it came out very well. Now this will be on the menu least once a week. Ur website is my one stop destination for far east recipes which i blindly follow. nd to date they hve not disappointed me. Keep up the gud work.

  17. hk

    im having a tough time to find Mae Ploy curry products here in Malaysia, can somebody please advise me where i could get the green/red curry paste?

  18. Alyssa

    This looks amazing and I love the photography. I was wondering if I can use red curry powder instead of red curry paste?

  19. Andi

    I make mine a similar way, but instead of water I use chicken stock & I like to mix chopped coriander in at the end of cooking. And instead of green beans I love choy sum in red curry (asian green with yellow flowers).

  20. Carlene

    How long for the chicken to be fully cooked? I like that it only calls for 1/4 tsp fish sauce. The 2 tbs fish sauce in the Beef Mas recipe was overwhelming.

  21. sjr1016a

    The Red Curry recipe was soooooooooooo good. I tried it last night. I absolutely love this recipe. I look forward to trying more recipes! I could not find the palm sugar so I used dark brown sugar instead. I used chicken and sea scallops and also added tomoatoes at the end of cooking. Absolutely delish!

    Thanks for posting this recipe!

  22. Grayson

    Is 80 ml the correct amount? It doesn’t provide much liquid. I ended up using much more. I made this last week and I am going to make it again. I loved it, very yummy!

  23. Dan

    I used jhl red curry paste and rounded the tablespoons. Made a 6x batch with only chicken. Next time I would smash the lime leaf and remove after cooking as they were tough. I used mushrooms-none of the other veg and added snow peapod last minute or two of cooktime. I also added 6 sliced Thai chiles sans seeds for some kick. I really enjoyed the dish and it was very tolerant of my tendency to overcook chicken-save the lime leaf. Thank you very much.

  24. Dan

    Btw, I used 900 ml coconut milk for my 6x and no water, so I think you could easily double the coconut milk.

  25. badger2196

    Bring to a boil then stir for an additional 10 seconds? Surely that is not long enough to cook the carrots, not to mention the chicken?

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