Chinese Braised Soy Sauce Eggs (滷蛋)
January 28th, 2011 21 Comments

Chinese Braised Soy Sauce Eggs (滷蛋)

Braised Eggs with Soy Sauce
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I promised you my Chinese braised soy sauce eggs recipe (滷蛋) in the Taiwanese scallion oil noodles (葱油拌面) post, so here you go. This is a super easy recipe, and the best thing is that you can save the braising soy sauce stock (滷水汁) in the fridge and re-use it again to make the eggs or even tofu (bean curd). I usually use the stock for 2-3 times before I discard it. As many Chinese cooks or chefs would tell you, the flavor of the braising stock develops as time goes by…some restaurants just keep using their stock for as long as they stay in the business (I kid you not!)…

One ingredient that I like to add to my braising stock is a spice tea bag used for braising a variety of foods—chicken, pork, beef, peanuts, seaweed, tofu, etc. (You can check out the product picture here). It’s available at Asian stores and they are cheap and handy. It’s optional but a tea bag of the spice adds to the aroma and overall flavor. To make perfect hard-boiled eggs, please refer to this kitchen tip by Good Life Eats.

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  1. Rina says:

    Over-cooked hard boiled eggs don’t bother me as I hate it when the egg yolk is not quite set. For this recipe, I think it’s hard not to overcook the eggs since they’re steeped in the stock.

  2. Melanie says:

    I love braised pork and eggs so I’m sure I’ll love this recipe too… can’t wait to try it!

  3. Laura says:

    Nice..I was just craving braised soy sauce eggs :) Good timing.

  4. Nelly says:

    thank you thank you! i’ll make it for CNY next week :)

  5. Latanya says:

    thanks for sharing. my husband and i love these. i can’t wait to make them.

  6. Linda says:

    Never had these, so are the shells left on the eggs until eating?

  7. Lisa says:

    I always love eating hardboiled eggs with kicap manis… and was introduced to this dish by my husband… and love it eversince.

    My kids’ favourite too… braised chicken and eggs… :)

  8. Simon says:

    using their stock for as long as they are in business? doesn’t that pose threat to people’s health?. However, stock tend to become richer and tastier the longer it simmers.

  9. How long can you keep the egg in the broth for? Up to a week?

  10. yummy! Love braised eggs, goes with so many rice and noodles. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  11. Candee says:

    Hi! What exactly is spiced tea bag?

  12. Kristie says:

    Hi, just a question, can I put both eggs and beancurd together in the liquid? And for how long before I turn off the fire? Tnx ;)

  13. jonie says:


    not sure if you are still reading this comment page.

    can you recommend the dark soy sauce you used in this recipe. I like my braised egg to be darker but my dark soy sauce doesn’t give me that dark look. I am currently using the brand “Pearl River Bridge” but hope you would recommend other dark soy sauce.



  14. corrin says:

    hi rasa — great recipe! i just made these last night and i have couple questions.

    do you leave the spice tea bag in the braising liquid the whole time? and where do you leave the eggs / liquid overnight? i put them in the refrigerator last night…do you leave yours on the stove or in the fridge?


  15. HeatherTwist says:

    I saw a recipe similar to this some time ago, called “Chinese Tea Eggs”. One difference … they left the shells on the eggs, but cracked them all around the outside with a spoon. Then when they boil in the tea, they get this great pattern. When I made them though I didn’t boil them … I just put the eggs in a jar with the cracked shells, poured the soy sauce tea mixture over them, and let them set in the refrigerator overnight. Actually a few days, as I ate them. I just peeled them before eating.

  16. Eug says:

    Hi, i tried the receipe. However i have left over broth/stock/seasoning. how should i keep it so that i can reuse them again?

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