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Bacon-wrapped Cherry Tomatoes Recipe


Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Cherry Tomatoes

1 pack cherry tomatoes (12 oz)
1 pack bacon (12 oz)
Toothpicks (soak the toothpicks in water for a few hours)
Nanami Togarashi (Japanese assorted chili pepper)


Cut the bacon strip into half-length. Put the cherry tomato towards the end of the bacon strip and wrap tight. Hold the cherry tomato with a toothpick, set aside. Sprinkle some Nanami Togarashi onto the bacon.

Heat up an indoor grill and grill until the bacon turns brown and crisp. For an outdoor grill, use low heat. Serve immediately.

Cook’s note:

You can get Nanami Togarashi at the Asian section of any food stores.

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  1. WokandSpoon

    Ooo yum. That’s a lovely combination of flavours. The French do a similar entree – prunes with bacon wrapped around each prune, then grilled! Yum!

  2. Oh for the love of food!

    hmmmm… in Beijing AGAIN are we? Is L_v_ in the air, gurl? Ha!Ha!
    Precious looking hors d’oeuvres RM.

  3. Trig

    Probably the best example of “less is more” photography I’ve seen this year. I’m always praising Haalo for this sort of thing, but you really hit the peak with these shots.

  4. singleguychef


    steamy tells me that you have secret “pill” for youth. Are these cherry bacon tomatoes part of the secret?!

    Cough it up! ;)

  5. mai - uu

    actually, it is shichi-mi gotarashi.
    7 (seven) can be pronounced nana or shichi. that is where the confusion starts

  6. Windo

    i’ve been a fan of these ever since going to shensengumi in fountain valley. made some tonite on the grill. yummy!

  7. msiagirl

    Do they still explode when you bite them? Looks extremely delicious! (definitely pollution in beijing, ya)

  8. Rasa Malaysia

    Ho Jiak – actually they are delicious.

    Suganya – yeah…it makes the red stands out.

    Steamy – thanks…are you trying this recipe? :P

    Lydia – thanks.

    S – Soaking them in water is to make sure that they don’t get burned if you use an outdoor grill.

    Amy – thanks. :)

    Aria – yes, THE bacon-wrapped cherry tomatoes.

    Cynthia – great…I hope you like this recipe.

    WMW – yes, healthy and sinful are the best!

    Cooking Ninja – cool…I am sure your guys will like them.

    Tiga – yes, IT IS POLLUTION in Beijing.

    Wok and Spoon – oooh, prunes, gotta try that.

    Bayi – yes, it gives you a legit reason to eat more bacon! :P

    Lyrical Lemongrass – are there any yakitori places in KL? If so, I am sure you can get them there.

    Babe – thanks. :)

    For the love of food – it’s business in the air, not love.

    Trig – thank you…thank you. I like less is more sometimes. :)

    Singleguychef – LOL…I have no youth pill, but I will tell you that I don’t eat red meat. I eat a lot of seafood. So there. LOL.

    Nate 2.0 – you’re welcome! :)

    Terri – awwww, thanks…that’s too sweet. Do come back more! :)

    Mai – thanks for correcting me. I just follow the label and I guess the label is not correct…

    Windo – yes, Shinsengumi has a killer bacon-wrapped cherry tomatoes, but they are very easy to make at home.

    Budding Cook – yes, they are as cute as you. Hehe.

    Precious Pea – me neither, but I was converted after tasting this.

    Christine – yes, they do…bacon and it’s greasy fat makes everything better!

    Msiangirl – they don’t explode, just pop in your mouth. ;)

    Dhana – thanks for adding me.

    Ming – yep. Can’t do any wrong with them.

    Food Marathon – LOL. Bacon-wrapped scallops are coming…

    Eatdrinknbmerry – yep…I thought so. ;)

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