Yakitori Recipe (Grilled Chicken Meat Balls)
April 10th, 2007 62 Comments

Yakitori Recipe (Grilled Chicken Meat Balls)

Grilled Chicken Meat Balls / Yakitori Meat Balls

My current food crush on Japanese food continues with yakitori, or Japanese grilled chicken skewers. If you have tried yakitori before, chances are you have tasted these legendary grilled chicken meat balls.

Grilled Chicken Meat Balls / Yakitori Meat Balls

Known as Tsukune in Japanese, I am nuts for yakitori. They are juicy, yummy, and definitely my favorite and a must-have item at yakitori restaurants or izakaya (Japanese pub-like restaurants serving sake, yakitori and small dishes).

I got this Yakitori recipe from “Japanese Cooking” by Emi Kazuko and these homemade grilled chicken meat balls weren’t half bad. All in all though, I enjoyed the cooking process and was pleased with the results, especially the pictures of my yakitori…

You can try to make yakitori/grilled chicken meat balls at home. If you have any questions about the yakitori recipe, please drop me a comment.

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  1. I mad ethese balls and my family loved it so much. My hubby even asked me if i would make this for his birthday bash.
    Thankyou fo such a wonderful delcious recipe.
    I have posted them in my place

  2. phery says:

    that’s as good yakitori..thanks..

  3. Luigi says:

    thanks admin.delicious..iam going to prepare it soon..

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  5. ale says:

    wow I’ve made yakitori but never as meatballs they look really tasty, I should try them out sometime! thanks for the recipes, I’m in love with your page from now on, I just discovered it and I really like it”

  6. stories says:

    That looks amazing! Thanks for the recipe and pictures! Will try to make that..

  7. Dar says:

    if i do not have a food processor, could i mixed it manually?


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