Soft Shell Clams (Steamers) with Garlic Butter
September 10th, 2012 7 Comments

Soft Shell Clams (Steamers) with Garlic Butter

Soft Shell Clams with Garlic Butter
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Last weekend, we went to Redondo Beach to celebrate my friend’s birthday. Redondo Beach is probably one of my favorite places to go to in the Los Angeles area, not because of the spectacular views and the nice beaches, but for the seafood. If you are a local or have visited Redondo Beach, you will know that locals and tourists alike flock there because it offers (to me) the freshest seafood in the area, with many seafood shacks selling everything from fresh oysters to steamed Dungeness crab or lobster, and more.

One of the most popular seafood shacks is Quality Seafood, which always has a beeline of patrons lining up for its seafood. I LOVE Quality Seafood—there are all sorts of shellfish waiting for me. I think by now, everybody who reads Rasa Malaysia knows my penchant for shellfish, so Redondo Beach is practically my seafood paradise.

Soft Shell Clams (Steamers)

One of the shellfish that I absolutely love but can’t get easily is soft shell clams or New England steamers. They have thin and fragile white-color shells, with siphon sticking out. Quality Seafood is the only place I know that carries this delicious clam. So I didn’t hesitate to load up a few pounds to bring home with me.

Soft shell clams are extremely briny and sweet in taste, and the flesh is very tender and juicy. All I did was steaming them with a little garlic and butter, with some white wine. I would always “drink” the delicious clam juice/broth until not a single drop left. I introduced my friends these steamers and they absolutely loved them, too. You don’t even need a proper recipe to enjoy these clams, you can just steam them and serve with some melted butter, as seen on Simply Recipes.

Soft Shell Clams (Steamers) with Garlic Butter

If you can’t find steamers where you are, you can certainly use any clams you can find in your area. There are also similar recipes that you can try: Thai steamed clams,  ginger and clam soup, Taiwanese-style clams, and steamed Asari clams.

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  1. Bud says:

    I live in the New England area, yes, these steamers are a must-have for summer months, they’re excellent.

  2. Yes, it’s a summer recipe. It’s not very timely as it’s already September but in where I am, it’s summer until November. But anyway, I can eat this dish every season.

  3. Jayne says:

    I absolutely love shell fish! Everytime I go grocery shopping here in Malaysia, I’d go to the aquariums and pick out at least a pound of whatever shellfish I fancy for the day and then I stirfry it in HIGH HIGH heat with nothing more than ginger and red chilli slices and a pinch of salt. So good!

  4. I’m a big shellfish fan as well! We don’t have this one but I am sure I can find similar at the market…must steam some up soon!

    How do you store your shellfish? I always cook mine the day I buy them but I was wondering, shellfish lover that you are, if you had any tips on storage? Thanks!

    • Joey – you can soak them in water and put in the fridge, which works well, but only overnight. The shellfish vendor in Penang told me to just put them in the fridge as is, without any water. We tried them with some local clams and they are still alive after a few days. :)

  5. JesiLeeLee says:

    Easy and delicious!!

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