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Strawberry Jam Recipe

Strawberry Jam
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I am not much a breakfast person, I mean, I love breakfast, but growing up in Malaysia, breakfast means nasi lemak, prawn noodles, mee siam, or other street food. Even though I have been in the US for almost 15 years, I haven’t quite acquired the habit of having cereal, bacon, or scrambled eggs for breakfast. So, I often skip breakfast, which is totally not healthy for me.

Recently, I have started to incorporate healthy breakfast into my daily routine—milk, toast, muffins, and fresh fruits. I even made some French toast. Yesterday, LK got me a box of fresh and sweet strawberries and I made some of them into this beautiful and tasty strawberry jam.

Making strawberry jam is really quite easy and you need only a few ingredients, but the end result is so much better than the bottled ones you get at stores. Everything is just better when you make it from scratch.

Here is my strawberry jam recipe for your reference.

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  1. Rob

    Wow, your pictures of the strawberries and the strawberry jam look very good, like straight out of the magazine. I love it. The jam looks really fresh and yummy!

  2. Valerie

    I am new on your blog, I come from Tadty Kitchen, I wrote “Irvine” where I plan to go in Feb and found your profile and your blog !
    What a good surprise for me who like japanese food !
    I’ll be back soon !
    Valerie, Belgium.

  3. Fuji Mama

    I’m with you! I’m not a big American breakfast person either…having that kind of food doesn’t sit well with me in the morning. When we moved to Japan, I fell in love with having rice, fish, miso soup, etc. for breakfast, and still tend to eat along those lines here in the US.

      • I have to believe that even most North Americans aren’t really big on the “American” breakfast! I was born in Canada, and bacon, eggs, and most other “breakfast” foods (except toast and granola, I suppose, since they’re pretty easy in the morning) are kept for a few special occasions during the year.

        No choices but bacon and eggs every day was one of the nightmares of university residence breakfasts.

  4. Such luscious pictures! There are still a *few* strawberries in our farmer’s market in New York; I’m tempted to follow your lead and make a little jam.

  5. Kamran Siddiqi

    Looks too good! Very enticing!

    And it’s okay that you skip breakfast… I sometimes do it too! I think we both need to nag each other about eating breakfast. :)

    Oh, if we were neighbors… I’d exchange freshly baked New York-Style bagels for a couple jars of your jam. I’ve got some jam that I made a couple weeks ago, but for some reason it’s disappearing rather quickly…

    Great post Bee! :)

  6. Rebecca Lee

    When I was in Sydney, they were selling very, very cheap strawberries, I bought 2 kg for only A$2 only. So I made them in jam. I saw a Taiwan TV program taught us to add in 2 green apple, just peel the skin and dice, must add in all even the seeds. I added sugar too and made the best strawberry jam !!
    I wonder why you add in lemon juice ? Thanks.

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