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Strawberry Jam Recipe

Strawberry Jam
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I am not much a breakfast person, I mean, I love breakfast, but growing up in Malaysia, breakfast means nasi lemak, prawn noodles, mee siam, or other street food. Even though I have been in the US for almost 15 years, I haven’t quite acquired the habit of having cereal, bacon, or scrambled eggs for breakfast. So, I often skip breakfast, which is totally not healthy for me.

Recently, I have started to incorporate healthy breakfast into my daily routine—milk, toast, muffins, and fresh fruits. I even made some French toast. Yesterday, LK got me a box of fresh and sweet strawberries and I made some of them into this beautiful and tasty strawberry jam.

Making strawberry jam is really quite easy and you need only a few ingredients, but the end result is so much better than the bottled ones you get at stores. Everything is just better when you make it from scratch.

Here is my strawberry jam recipe for your reference.

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