15-Minute Tom Yum Noodle Soup
August 06th, 2012 45 Comments

15-Minute Tom Yum Noodle Soup

Tom Yum Noodle Soup
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Who knew that Tom Yum Soup takes only 15 minutes to make? Yep, you heard it right, it takes as little as 15 minutes to make Tom Yum Soup, or in this case, Tom Yum Noodle soup, which is one of my favorite lunch dishes during week days.

Like any busy moms, I don’t have a lot of time during the day. And when it comes to lunch, I have a list of quick and easy, 15-minutes lunch recipes that I always resort to: cold soba noodles, soba noodles soup, various variations of fried rice, and this Tom Yum noodle soup.

Tom Yum Noodle Soup

Many people think that Tom Yum, or Thai spicy and sour shrimp soup is too intimidating or hard to attempt at home. In reality, it’s about the easiest Thai recipe to prepare, provided you have the ingredients. To make Thai cooking at home, you ought to stock up the essentials, especially: nam prik phao (Thai roasted chili paste), fish sauce, palm sugar, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, and lime juice. As I am a huge fan of Thai food, they are always in my pantry or fridge. If you don’t have these ingredients, I strongly urge you to stock them up as you can make endless Thai dishes with these staples.

One pointer about making quick lunches is to multitask. I always do 2 or 3 things at the same time. I will boil the noodles while prepping the ingredients. And while I wait for my soup to cook, the noodles would be done. Try this recipe and practice multitasking in the kitchen and a good and delicious weekday lunch is 15 minutes away.

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  1. Dan says:

    That looks really good. Can I have some please? Love your video.

  2. Julie says:

    Want. A. Bowl. Right. Now.

  3. Rosanna says:

    Looks good. I can’t wait to try this!

  4. says:

    Hi, I love Thai food but I don’t deal well with spicy food. Does the quantity of chili paste in this recipe make the noodles very spicy?

  5. phil says:

    That looks so good, its making me hungry just looking at it.

  6. Lucy L says:

    Looks amazing, I love Tom Yum Noodle Soup! Is there supposed to be palm sugar in this recipe though? I read on your front page that’s part of this recipe? Thanks!

  7. Agreed! That’s the easiest tom yum noodle soup ever. Looks so delish :)

    ps: Love the video, Bee. So creative :)

  8. Terence C says:

    First time cooking. Forgot to put fish sauce, and didn’t put tomato. Tom yum soup wasn’t flavorful enough.

    Nice recipe though, will try again next time.

  9. Enqvist says:

    that for the great recipe, normally i will add golden mushroom which make it taste even better.

  10. This soup looks amazing; I LOVE shrimp in my soup. What a beautiful recipe; thank you for sharing!

  11. Jonathan_Goh85 says:

    :3 woohoo.. simple/multitasking is the key word ._. will make it..

  12. Corrie says:

    A yummy looking healthy soup. And FAST :-)

  13. JT says:

    What do you suggest as an alternative to kaffir lime leaves?? I went to four grocery stores, and can’t find them either fresh or dried. =(

  14. hlutchman says:

    Hi, I love Thai cooking, great recipes

  15. Kevin says:

    Hello Rasa,

    Really like this website. Thank you.

    My girl friend is Chinese blood but was born in Indonesia. She grew up in Sumatra and later moved to Java; close to Jakarta. I get some very good food between her mother cooking and me cooking. I cook Arabic, Persian, Italian & Greek but for a bit over a year now have tried my hand at Indo & Malay.

    I really love all of it so far. Eh-hem…..exCEPT the uhhhh….durian. Wow what a fruit. I thought a sewer pipe had busted. Anyways….that part of the world has some REALLY good desert/fruit dishes that I really like too. I typically like the Korean & Chinese deserts cuz they are very light on the sugar but, Indo/Malay uses some very good fruits ( and palm sugar if needed, which I like ).

    Love your website and thank you for ‘turning on’ so many Americans to the great cuisine from the other side of the World.

  16. Dana Mucha says:

    I just made this and it turned out fabulous! My first time cooking with kaffir lime leaves & galangal too. I doubled the recipe and stuck to the measurements exactly. I will make this again, and again, and again! I served it with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale along side which complimented the soup perfectly! Cheers to you! Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  17. justinerae says:

    This was delicious and a hit! I had to do some substitutes though. Couldn’t find Kaffir Lime Leaves so substituted with: bay leaves + fresh thyme + lime zest. Also, couldn’t find galangal so used ginger, just a little more of it. & did without the soba noodles. Will definitely be making this again…

  18. Michelle says:

    Cant find that paste.can I use sambal olek instead?

  19. Michelle says:

    Sick with your food.any remedies for cold thanks

  20. Michelle says:

    All I could find was chilli paste that said you put it on bread.had shrimp paste and fish sauce ect in it?

  21. Michelle says:

    My dad grew me some lemongrass and kaffer limes I’m very lucky.really love cooking thanks bee

  22. Michelle says:

    Is the chilli paste you put on bread the same stuff? Please help

  23. Michelle says:

    Can someone tell me if I have right chilli paste please!???????

  24. puji lestari says:

    hi,i like to try new recipe,but i want to ask instead of thai roasted chili paste,can i use tom yum paste or tom yum cube?

  25. Michelle says:

    Hi is Maseru brand chilli jam same stuff?

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  27. angelitacarmelita says:

    Happy, happy girl am I!! Fall is upon us in Northern Virginia, and something spicy, but still light is just what I’m craving. I don’t like using (as other recipes suggest), the premade jars of Tom Yum paste to make this soup, so consequently, I’ve never made this. I’m indulging myself tonight and literally going through all of your recipe index; and came upon this. Happy, happy girl am I. Thanks Bee!

  28. hamna says:

    hey bee, i used the tom yum paste as it was the only thing available where i lived, couldn’t find the fish paste or nim prik pao, so how many tablespoons of this tom yum paste should i substitute for both the fish paste and the nim prik pao?

  29. NicholasM says:

    Hi, this looks so delicious. I live in France and picked up some “Cock Brand – Chile Paste with Soya Bean Oil – Prik Pao”. I hope it is the right ingredient. My daughter has been nagging me to make Tom Yum, so I am going to try tonight. My question is…how many people is this recipe for, please? Thanks!

  30. Zandra says:

    My family eats nam prik pao like it’s ketchup. I look forward to making this soup.

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