Chicken Curry Recipe
Chicken Curry
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Chicken curry has always been my favorite, but I hardly make chicken curry from scratch. But this past weekend, I felt motivated and wanted to make chicken curry properly, without cheating with instant curry paste. And so I did.

There are many different varieties of chicken curry available in Malaysia: Indian, Muslim-Indian (Mamak), Chinese, Malay, and Nyonya. There are many chicken curry recipes but each takes after the basics of chicken curry, adapts, and enhances it accordingly. While different version renders its distinct taste (and presentation), the underlying flavors of chicken curry are pretty much the same–spicy, rich, aromatic, highly addictive, potentially aphrodisiac, and remarkably scrumptious…

Chicken Curry Recipe

Chicken curry can also be “wet” or “dry.” The wet version is watery (mostly from coconut milk and water) and the dry version has a thicker curry gravy and tastes more intense. The recipe I am sharing today is Curry Chicken Kapitan–a “dryer” curry and a Nyonya adaptation of Indian chicken curry. (Kapitan is the name given to appointed Chinese chiefs during the Portuguese and Dutch colonization in Malaysia.)

Do try out my chicken curry recipe below.

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  1. Maria Uriam says:


    can you send me a recipe for a easy curry chicken with potato, a sweet and sour chicken..i don’t know how to cook and i tried to look for a easy recipe for those cooked…

    thank you

  2. Irene Ong says:

    Hi Bee,

    Can you recommend a curry recipe which I can introduce to my three year old? I tried one on the weekend and despite deseeding all the chillies it was still too spicy for her. Btw I’ve got your cookbook and was able to make delicious simple Chinese meals which I didn’t managed to learn from my late mother…so thanks very much! Your blog is one that I visit often for meal ideas :-)

    Cheers, Irene

  3. Sam says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to measure the ginger and galangal by weight? They vary in thickness, so measuring by length isn’t very precise.

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