Cornflake Cookies
February 07th, 2010 82 Comments

Cornflake Cookies

Cornflake Cookies
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After a few savory dishes, I thought it’s time I share a Chinese New Year baking recipe with you.

Chinese New Year calls for major baking and kuih (local sweet cakes) making sessions in Malaysia. The popular items are pineapple tarts or pineapple rolls, kuih kapit (check out the step-by-step in pictures!), kuih bangkit, kuih bahulu, peanut cookies, kuih loyang/kuih rose, and other traditional kuih and cakes. Western-style cookies are also very popular, for example: butter cookies and cornflake cookies.

Cornflake cookies are absolutely delightful, crunchy, and addictive—imagine butter-rich cookies rolled with crunchy cornflakes and every bite is a perfect crunch, and then the cookie just melts in your mouth. Heavenly!

This cornflake cookies recipe is contributed by Siew Loon, my very talented “intern” who is based in Malaysia. She has mad baking and kuih-making skills and I have pretty much “outsourced” that department to her while I focus on what I do best, cooking. You can check out her other baking and kuih recipes on Nyonya Food.

I made a big batch of cornflake cookies using the following recipe and they were gone in practically no time. Do try this easy cornflake cookies recipe. To convert the measurement, please go here.

RECIPE HERE: Cornflake Cookies
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  1. Kate says:

    Oh my, these cornflake cookies do look great and I can totally imagine it with a cup of coffee or tea for tea. Well, I guess I can have these anytime not just CNY.

  2. Tuty says:

    I agree, Bee. Cornflakes cookies are delicious with nice crunch.

  3. These look so good. I so agree that baking is different from cooking, baking is more scientific and cooking is more creative.

  4. Wendy L. says:

    Looks great! Approximately how many cookies does this yield?

  5. These sound so simple to make but they look great! I need to get a baking intern as it’s not my strong suit either:-) Know where I could find one?

  6. I made cornflake cookie too but non baking type, this look good too.

  7. joey says:

    I’ve never had these before! They sounds so yummy! :)

  8. Imagine I was just surfing the net over the weekend looking for the perfect cornflakes cookies recipe. Could this be it? Will try over the CNY hols.

  9. DailyChef says:

    Mm, I can smell these now! They’re a nice change from the pineapple cakes that I can’t stay away from :-P Red bean buns too…I love Asian desserts!

  10. Lisa says:

    I was so surprised to see these on your blog! These little cornflake cookies are really popular here in New Zealand, they are in bakeries everywhere. They look fairly similar, although I think the new Zealand version has raisins in them. I’ve never seen them elsewhere.

  11. Bethany says:

    I have been LOVING this chinese new year series — I am super inspired to celebrate in style this year with all these beautiful recipes! I thought the crab noodles were my favorite — until these cookies turned up :-)

  12. Nelly Ahmad-Chang says:

    I am a big fan of cornflake cookies. My mom always made it for Raya but since residing in State, I’ve been making it all the time. Your recipe is very good and almost to the basic. I always like to jazz up my cookies by adding crushed almond (lately I’ve been using pecan instead), raisins, diced cherries (green and/or red) and dried cranberries. It is so good that I eat it in replace of my breakfast, lunch and dinner! Thanks for sharing your recipe, I’ll certainly try it :).

  13. suzanne says:

    these cookies look so delicious! can i have one?

  14. J2Kfm says:

    What’s universal is that, this cookies is even emulated by the Malays and Indians, as you can see them in jars during Deepavali and Raya.

    Pineapple tarts or rolls on the other hand, may have YET to attain that same level of popularity, though personally, I like the latter MUCH MUCH more.

  15. Ruth says:

    Hi, is the cornflour used in this recipe the same as cornstarch?

  16. Pei-Lin says:

    Cornflake cookies are one of those CNY treats that I couldn’t stop munching on! Yours look so golden! Perfect for this festive season!

  17. sangiyer says:

    I made these last night (using egg replacers as we don’t eat eggs). I used ingredients I already had at home. It turned out amazing. So buttery, crispy and just great! Thanks for an amazing but simple recipe:)

  18. Swiss KLite says:

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! Will the cookies work without cornflour? I have everything except cornflour.

  19. WJ says:

    I made TWO batches of this today, but thats coz the first batch came out horrible. They were really bitter, and I wondered why it tasted that way. I asked my husband of two years how old is his cornflour (we got married and I moved to his house), and he said, ohh, I think about SEVEN years!!!! Ewwww.

    I was determined to make another batch, and thats just what I did 2 hours ago. With NEW cornflour too. I used Kelloggs Frosties and they came out really nice coz the sugar dusting on the cornflakes caramelized a bit and it was yummy! And oh, I definitely needed more than 60g of cornflakes. What I did was pour out the cornflakes bit my bit, using as much as I needed as I went along.

    Will be sharing these cookies with my non-Malaysian friends tomorrow, hope they will be impressed! ;)

  20. vonn says:

    i made these moments ago and they came out tasteless ):
    i subbed sugar with brown sugar. i don’t think it makes that big of a difference right? T_T it was almost tasteless. i had to dip it in melted chocolate (but now it tastes like cheap biscuits </3)

    • Vonn – I don’t know what happened but I made this cornflake cookies following the exact recipe and they turn out great. My colleagues are all asking for the recipe after they tasted the goods.

    • Eva says:

      Hey Vonn,
      Brown sugar is less sweet compared to normal white refined sugar, so if you do use brown sugar you’ll have to use more than the amount stipulated for normal white sugar.

  21. betty says:

    these look fabulous! :O)
    happy CNY!

  22. Jill says:

    You really can make cookies out of just about anything. Thanks for the great new recipe.

  23. Jennifer says:

    These sound simple and look wonderful! I can imagine these cornflake cookies tasting like KFC chickens! Although, i do not have All-purpose flour at the moment, can i use cake flour to substitute??

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  25. Lena says:

    Is there any way you can convert this recipe to teaspoon, Tablespoons, and cups? I really want to try it but am having a hard time converting it, thanks so much! (Is it 13.94 T butter, as I couldn’t figure out the amount of cups, 12.52 Tablespoons of sugar, 3.02 C flour, 2.82 C of cereal, and 3.17 T cornstarch??? That was the closest I got.)

  26. Lena says:

    Thanks but unfortunately that is where I went to find my conversions (13.94 T butter and 12.52 T sugar, etc) and my results prevents me from accurately following your recipe so wanted to know if you or any of your readers could help me to get a more accurate measurements in cups and table/teaspoons for this recipe which I am dying to make.

  27. this is a grat recipe! i love cornflake cookies a lot. thanks for putting this up and sharing it to the world. that is if you have internet connection…:)

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  29. I have wanted to try baking these for a while now and am putting this to the test today.

    A couple of things, though: Don’t we use the metric system? Or perhaps it is best to have the measurement and temperature in different conversion factors. For example 175oC / 347F.

    The other thing is the sequence of the steps are a little in disarray. For amateurs, they need to know to preheat the oven first and possibly, have the crushed cornflakes laid out on a plate or something flat to make rolling easier.

    But anyway, I’m very excited to bake these *fingers crossed*

  30. I have wanted to try baking these for a while now and am putting them to the test today.

    A couple of things, though: Don’t we use the metric system? Or perhaps, have the measurement or temperature in different conversion factors, for instance: 175oC / 347F.

    The other thing is that the steps are a little in disarray. For amateurs, they would need to know to first preheat the oven and possibly state to have a plate or something flat laid out for the crushed cornflake to make rolling easier.

    But anyway, this recipe looks as easy as pie so, hopefully mine will turn out well. I already have my faithful tasters waiting *fingers crossed*

  31. Amelia Chee says:

    So glad to come across this recipe. Reminds me of my childhood days of helping my mum to bake and sell them during Christmas and CNY. Tried it this past weekend with my 15 year old daughter, love it! Thanks!

  32. Pauline Cheong says:

    it’s an easy and healthy delicious cookies. children like it very much.

  33. sc says:

    thanks for sharing, i tried baking it over the weekend for CNY and came out good. i tweaked it a lil though, i used brown sugar and added 2 tbsp of ground almond for some extra nutty aroma ;)

  34. Amber says:

    is salted butter or unsalted butter better for baking? will it affect the cookies much between the two types?

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  36. dingxiang says:

    hello, may i know the must i use salted or unsalted butter for this recipe? thank you ^^

    • Cherrie says:

      well,salted butter comes with the salt and unsalted butter is without the salt.if you opt to use salted butter,you can do away without the salt and vice versa. Unsalted butter is moree fragrance than the salted one.

  37. sp says:


    i just baked some cornflake cookies using your recipe. I halved all ingredients, do without the vanilla essence and the cookies still turn out good. By the way, i used salted butter. Thanks for sharing this simple and yummy recipe. My kids and I enjoyed the whole baking session :)

  38. Annabelle says:

    May I know if it is possible to replace a bit of the flour with milk powder?

  39. sunlye says:

    hi there. i tired a batch yesterday but it turned out not cook in the middle. what did i do wrong?

  40. Aaliyah says:

    So yummy,
    At home we’ve got three packets of corn flakes and no one( especially me)
    Eats them.
    And I came across this and it was delisious!
    Thank you

    Love Unitedpandas xoxo

  41. Esperanza says:

    I am having a terrible time converting this recipe to teaspoons, tablespoons, cups etc. Can someone PLEASE help me with this? I tried the “conversion” thing with absolutely no luck. Someone, please help!!!I want so badly to try this recipe. Thank you …

  42. Esperanza says:

    I’m hoping someone can/will convert the butter, sugar, flour, and corn starch into tsp, tblsp, and cups for me for the ingredients for the cornflake cookies. I will be most grateful. Thank you in advance….

  43. sweetscuderia says:

    Hi, I tried baking these last week. In the recipe you mentioned that the dough should not stick to my hands right? I followed your ingredients 100%. But twice I made them, and both times I actually needed to add in more flour because the dough was too soft. End result, cookies were crunchy just as how it should be but it tasted semi-sweet. I was wondering, are the cookies supposed to taste that way or did the extra flour made the cookies less sweet?

  44. Anna Vessey says:

    This is an amazing and easy recipe! I used my hands to roll the dough into balls and it was fine.

  45. These cornflake cookies look delicious!! They looked so good that I have just whipped up a batch and are now in the oven as I speak. I have just stared my own baking blog and was wondering if I could possibly use this recipe. I will of course reference your website.

  46. Raina says:

    May I know if I should use a mixer or I can use a whisker/spatula to beat & mix the ingredient?

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  48. Julia says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the recipe! I love you site so much! I tried this cookies and it’s wonderful!
    I posted the pictures of the cookies that I made using this recipe, I’d be glad if you can drop by.. :D

  49. Joey says:

    What type of sugar are you referring to?

  50. Madeline says:

    Hi, If I increase the corn flour & reduce the plain flour. will it still be ok?


  51. Camay says:

    Tried this recipe following everything but the result did notturn out good. The cookies is dry and heavy. I like the corn flakes cookies light and crunchy. Its this recipe suppose to be light or heavy?L

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