Cornflake Cookies
February 07th, 2010 78 Comments

Cornflake Cookies

Cornflake Cookies
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After a few savory dishes, I thought it’s time I share a Chinese New Year baking recipe with you.

Chinese New Year calls for major baking and kuih (local sweet cakes) making sessions in Malaysia. The popular items are pineapple tarts or pineapple rolls, kuih kapit (check out the step-by-step in pictures!), kuih bangkit, kuih bahulu, peanut cookies, kuih loyang/kuih rose, and other traditional kuih and cakes. Western-style cookies are also very popular, for example: butter cookies and cornflake cookies.

Cornflake cookies are absolutely delightful, crunchy, and addictive—imagine butter-rich cookies rolled with crunchy cornflakes and every bite is a perfect crunch, and then the cookie just melts in your mouth. Heavenly!

This cornflake cookies recipe is contributed by Siew Loon, my very talented “intern” who is based in Malaysia. She has mad baking and kuih-making skills and I have pretty much “outsourced” that department to her while I focus on what I do best, cooking. You can check out her other baking and kuih recipes on Nyonya Food.

I made a big batch of cornflake cookies using the following recipe and they were gone in practically no time. Do try this easy cornflake cookies recipe. To convert the measurement, please go here.

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  1. Joey says:

    What type of sugar are you referring to?

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