Butter Cake Recipe
January 23rd, 2013 195 Comments

Butter Cake Recipe

Butter Cake
Butter Cake pictures (4 of 6)

(This is the BEST butter cake recipe ever. Updated with new photos. Originally published in 2008.)

Even though I am still a rookie in the baking department, I am slowly but surely getting the hang of things, especially baking cakes.

I love baking cakes; I find it rather easy, well, if I choose a simple recipe. I especially enjoy baking cakes in the weekends because nothing tastes better than a cup of hot coffee with a freshly baked cake—while I read through my magazines or newspaper on a Sunday morning. And then, on Monday, I can heat up my leftover cake in the microwave for 10 seconds and have myself a nice breakfast to beat my Monday blues and start off my hectic work week on the right foot. I love cakes, and now I love baking them.

One of the cakes I absolutely love is butter cake–plain old simple but always good butter cake. It calls for really common ingredients that everyone has in their fridge or pantry, and that totally fits my bill in terms of convenience.

For butter cake, I used to cheat with store-bought yellow cake mix—Duncan Hines, Pillsbury, or Betty Crocker. Now I can just bake butter cake at home.

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  1. Raj says:

    I used oven proof dish made by glass.

  2. thank you, this recipe looks great! I’ll try to do it during weekend :)

  3. D says:

    Could you substitute cake flour for normal plain/all-purpose flour instead?

  4. Karen says:

    hello, i love your blog! i’ve followed your butter cake recipe for a couple of years now but noticed it’s been changed? i remember i used to add about 3/4 cup of milk but now it’s only a few tablespoons? i hope i’m not losing my mind. thanks, karen

  5. Ophelia says:

    Hi….what size tin should use? Thanks!

  6. sopiliza says:

    I finally found the right butter cake recipe!! Thank you for the recipe. It’s my first time baking it for an order and it turned out a great success. Definitely a keeper!

  7. viv says:

    What size of the greasing baking pan should i use?

  8. PL says:

    Hi, I have been following your original/simpler butter cake recipe for 2 years now and it always worked great! I don’t make it often and today I tried again with the updated recipe and it didn’t bake out quite as good. Do you still have a copy of your original recipe? Do you mind posting it again?


  9. Adeline Lee says:

    I baked the cake yesterday. There was a crack in the centre. I used a loaf tin.

    • Alex says:

      It is normal for a butter cake or cakes similar to this to have cracks when baked, especially in a loaf tin. My buttercake always has a crack in the middle – that is when I know it is successful and is done. However, there were some attempts where I underbeat the butter and sugar, which resulted in no cracks – the cake came out heavy and squishy – almost inedible.

    • sharon says:

      if your cake cracks or peaks and cracks its usually due to the oven is high the next time you bake turn you oven lower slightly all our oven are different once you know the right temp for a perfect flat cake mark it and use the mark when baking the next cake, electric ovens i find the temp is usually more hotter than gas , hope this helps

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  11. Hema says:


    I’ve tried baking a lot of ( literally )butter cake, but only the one in Rasamalaysia turned on really good, but I realized that the recipe was changed lately, is the any possibility of posting the older recipe again.

    Thank you

  12. Evie Lam says:

    I tried ur butter cake.. Turned out very nice n delicious. Thank you for sharing. I love butter cake :D

  13. apambalik says:


  14. Emily says:

    My oven temperature max.250 .can make it.

  15. Michelle chan says:

    Hi oven 280c can bake it

  16. Reem says:

    I remember tasting this cake… You gave me for kids, this is the same one right?..
    That was delicious!
    Just saw this cake and had to tell you…

  17. maxie says:

    Hi, I’m sorry but this must be a really annoying question you get all the time but is 375 Fahrenheit with a fan forced oven?

  18. JaneM says:

    What size loaf pan? I have both the 9×5 and 8×4. Thanks.

  19. Grace Marzuki says:

    Hi Bee, Love this butter cake recipe. Can I use buttermilk instead of ordinary milk (I understand it to mean full cream milk)? Grace Marzuki

  20. Jayne says:

    Thanks for bringing it up front again. I’m thinking of making a simple marbled butter cake for CNY this year, instead of cookies. My family isn’t a cookie family. I think an assortment of cakey nibbles will be more appropriate. Brownies, marble cake, banana bread… amongst a few ideas.

  21. victoria7 says:

    Omg, this is the best butter I have ever made, it was PERFECT as you said. I have tried quite a few recipes of yours and all of them turned very well. Thank you very very much.

  22. Leena says:

    Hi Bee,
    Happy New Year. I am back from my holidays with family and friends. Alot of them have turned vegetarian. Even alot of my chinese Buddhost friends have turned vegetarian in Singapore. Can you advise as to what replaces eggs in your cakes (as they are the best that I have tried)that includes your kuih recipes.

  23. tina says:

    i just made this cake and it is perfect! i recently found your blog through skinnytaste and can’t wait to try more of your recipes..esp the chicken tikka masala pizza..thanks for the recipe. btw, for u.s readers, 200g of flour equals 1.6 cups and i used extra granulated sugar 200g = 1 cup.

  24. Et says:

    Can u pls confirm whether it is 1 tspn baking powder or double action baking powder. I used baking powder – it rises in oven but sinks when taken out of oven. Pls help as I intend to try again. thanks

  25. Baking powder always kicking me on baking, 1 tsp baking powder, whether it is heaped one or flattened one..always confused and end up in hard or soggy cakes..Try my luck this time..

    • Verena says:

      Hi Pepper Bowl

      All measurements in any recipe are never heaped, unless specified. Level off your teaspoon or cup with a flat-edged knife. Hope that helps…

  26. SF says:

    Unfortunately I could not get it turn out as you intended! The middle was uncooked so I lengthened the baking time. The resulting cake was way too oily. Any idea what could have gone wrong?

    • JANY says:

      Had the same oily result in the final baked cake. Even before baking, thought the amount of butter was excessive.

  27. Eiko says:

    Just wondering if I can use cake flour instead of plain/ AP flour?

  28. Sundrop2204 says:


    Can you just tell me what is 375deg F equivalent to in degrees Celsius?? Why do you calculate in Fahrenheit and not Celsius? I thought Malaysian ovens use Celcius like in UK.


  29. Merida Tan says:

    Hi, I’m v interested to start baking and saw your butter cake recipe that I’d like to try. Just to check, can I use salted butter cos I hv quite a few at home and dun wish to waste. Thanks.

  30. sharon says:

    i cant wait to try this recipe thanks for sharing

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  32. aikwanong says:

    200g sugar is too sweet for me. I wld like to reduce sugar to 140g, what do i hv to do with the amt of other ingredients? pls adv. tq

  33. Lynn says:

    What do you mean by 2 and 1/3 stick of butter? Pls help cos im really interested in trying this out ;)

  34. Love this! And I’m sure I could make dinner out of this too. I’d much rather snack on this than eat real food.

  35. Mia says:

    I tried this cake today, and it was good. Thanks for the recipe. Mine didn’t look like yours though, and it turned out really greasy. I will modify it.

  36. KIKI says:

    Made it, Love it!!
    Soft and light but a lil oily but yummy.
    Thank you

  37. xy says:

    would like to ask step 8 mix flour with the
    mixture using spatula or mixer?

  38. misty says:

    hi, may i know what is the difference between using milk and yoghurt in this recipe?

  39. Koh Siok Mei says:

    I tried this butter cake. Instead of plain butter cake, my kids suggested to marble it with three flavours. So I incorporated chocolate and strawberry flavours in. It turned out marvellous. Moist and buttery. This is a very nice butter cake base for marble cake as well. I baked at 180 degree C for 40 minutes. Thanks for this wonderful recipe.

  40. max says:

    Hi. May i know why a cake sinks after baking, especially the centre? Am looking forward baking again

  41. Daphne says:

    Hi.. It’s my 1st time baking a butter cake so pardon me if I sounds silly. Can I ask how many servings is it for the recipe u given? Is it ok for me to use a silicon cake tray? Lastly, is there any specific rack to use, like top/middle or lower rack? Thanks in advance!

  42. Michelle Wu says:

    Hi, pardon me but what type of baking tin should i use for this ingreidents as i am very new to baking. Any recommended inch or CM round tin that i shoud buy?

  43. monica says:

    hi Bee, i’ve been following ur blog for quite sometime n been tried alot of ur cooking recepies especially on chinese food. This morning my son asked me to baked a cake for his tuition teacher. So i choose ur butter cake because i thought its easy n simple.. but i was wrong! my cake doesn’t look great. it has grease looking patches around the bottom half, although the texture has absolutely no problem – uniformly soft n fluffy. I’m puzzled by the grease patches and have been trying to figure out the cause of it. Could it beacause of over beating??? I hope you can enlighten me. THANKS!

  44. tracyvoo says:

    Hi there, can anyone tell me when i fold the flour into the mixture do i mix using the eletric mixer or manually?

  45. Penny says:

    2 and 1/3 stick of (250g) butter, does that mean 580g butter?
    And flour only 200g, will it be too oily?
    Can i use cake flour/low flour for this recipe?

  46. Wendy says:

    Hi Bee, why is my cake still wet in middle even though I have reheat them in the oven?

  47. Carmen Quinquilla says:

    This cake looks delicious. When you say: Serve warm.. Can I eat it cold (room temprature) …does it taste the same???? Thanks

  48. Lily Ko says:

    I love your recipe, it is even better than my one one. Yesterday I used this recipe to bake chocolate cake and it turn out good too.

  49. Mimmy says:

    Hi there – I tried your butter cake recipe after trying the banana cake recipe and I’m thrilled to say that I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. This really is the best butter cake recipe by far!
    You are just an amazing person – you share your recipes with the world and give a little happiness to people’s life by doing so. Thank you so much!

  50. esther says:

    Hello….I just made u butter cake recipe,but it seems too oily,I will ave to reduce my butter on the next trial….although I used margarine instead of unsalted butter and omitted salt…..didn’t u notice the oily result?

    • Hi Esther, with butter, the cake is just buttery but not oily. It’s great and many people have great results. I am not sure about margarine, but I would think it’s more oily since it’s made from processed fat and oils.

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