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  1. I’m experimenting with finger food to refuel with on the bike leg of a long Triathlon race. After trying sushi (brown rice) and finding the portions rather too big, I have explored rice balls and have invented some small compressed black sticky glutinous rice balls with half a chocolate chip in the middle and rolled in shredded coconut. By the same token, I think I would like the flavour of soya sauce eggs but they would be too big, and cutting them would make them messy; so I have bought quail eggs — I think making shoyu eggs with them would be perfect. It may take a bit of dialling in to make sure I don’t over-cook the yolks though. can’t wait to try.


  2. Try to smoke (in a smoker) the eggs after the soy sauce bath. I tried them last month in Japan when I was invited to a BBQ and they were great!

    I don’t remember how long they where smoked, something like 5-10 hours. But the egg got smaller, the outside of the egg a bit more chewy and the flavours got concentrated – together with the wonderful smoky taste!



  3. My children will love these!!! Would you happen to know if they would work in egg molds if I warm them back up a bit before putting them in the mold? I’m thinking the brown color and the bear mold would be adorable!


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