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Soy Sauce Eggs (Shoyu Tamago)

Fuji Mama's three-year-old
Fuji Mama's three-year-old pictures (7 of 8)

Rachael of La Fuji Mama is a sweetheart, you’ll know what I mean if you meet her in person. I first met her a few months ago in an event at New York and became fast friends because we love similar stuff: food, traveling and living in Asia, and a penchant for Japanese cuisine. La Fuji Mama used to live in Tokyo but her family is now based in Orange County. Her blog is a collection of droolsome recipes, her family, and her past adventures living in Asia. Please welcome La Fuji Mama to Rasa Malaysia and check out her soy sauce eggs (shoyu tamago) recipe and step-by-step photos in the gallery above. This recipe is also a great side dish with porridge.

Bee and I recently met up at Mitsuwa, a local Japanese market, to do some shopping and then eat some ramen in the food court. In addition to ramen, we both ordered shoyu tamago–Japanese soy sauce eggs. We each ordered one egg, but I quickly realized that this was a mistake, because my almost-three-year-old daughter ate half of my egg and then kept trying to con Bee out of hers!

Recently Bee mentioned those eggs and how good they were and I had to laugh because they are one of the easiest things on the planet to make! Shoyu tamago are eggs that have been hard boiled, peeled, and then cooked in heated soy sauce so that the egg white turns brown on the outside and the egg becomes flavored by the soy sauce. They are wonderful as snacks or as an addition to a bento (a traditional Japanese lunch in a box) because they don’t need any additional seasoning.

I always use tamari soy sauce, which is darker in appearance and richer in flavor than regular soy sauce. I prefer the darker mahogany color and extra flavor gained by using tamari soy sauce, but if all you have on hand is regular soy sauce, it will still work beautifully! One trick to note–when peeling your hard boiled eggs, peel carefully, trying to avoid nicking the surface of the egg whites. If you do nick the surface, the eggs will still taste delicious, but they just won’t be as pretty.

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  1. DailyChef

    Yummy! These are so much better than regular hard boiled eggs. I should remember to make these next time I pack a lunch, either for myself or for family.

    As always, I love your pictures. Thanks for sharing!

    • Fuji Mama

      mr. ed– The darker color comes from the tamari soy sauce, but you’re right, these are good with any kind of soy sauce!

  2. These are quite beautiful and sound like they would be tasty! Do you perchance undercook the eggs a tad to compensate for the additional cooking in the soy sauce, or does it not really matter?

    • Mike

      I was wondering about that, too. I do my hard boiled eggs in an electric jug – starting with cold water and room temperature eggs; bringing it to the boil, immediately turning off heat and leaving for 11 minutes. I then plunge them into cold water and crack the shells to prevent grey colour forming around the yolks; this results in eggs that are not quite totally hard.
      For this delicious sounding (Shoyu Tamago) recipe I think I will let the eggs cook for 10 minutes so as to follow your suggestion of compensating for the additional cooking efect in the soy sauce.
      I was also wondering how they’d be with the addition of a little Chinese 5 Spice – perhaps this is taking things a little too far…………

    • Fuji Mama

      When I learned to make these, the woman teaching me told me to start with “regular hard boiled eggs” and go from there. I’ve never had a problem with them being overcooked!

  3. I make a similar Chinese egg dish with the addition of spices and black tea, but the eggs are steeped in the shell that’s cracked. I love the pure dark color of these though, and I can imagine how wonderful they’d taste with noodles.

  4. Bryan

    Hi, great dish for kids! Where can I get Tamari soy sauce in Malaysia? Can’t find it in hypermarket. Thanks. Bryan

  5. laurel chmielowiec-tanaka

    Older eggs actually peel better than fresh eggs, making hard boiled eggs a great way to use the last of the dozen before you get more.

  6. These look wonderful. A friend sent me here and says she also adds things like honey and ginger to her shoyu “bath”. I’m definitely going to have to try these.

  7. tushika

    What a good idea. I usually leave the hard boiled egg soaked in soy sauce for l day then I cooked it in low fire, it was time taking for me. thanks for your easy receipte
    Wish to get more simple receiptes like this.

  8. bineth

    Hi, could you post a recipe on making tamago eggs which are hard boiled but with a soft runny centre? the kind that’s served with ramen? i’m sure some mizkan products could be used in this :p

  9. Brother Wayne

    Fantastic website……….
    glad I discovered it.
    Made the Shoyu Tamago and made it a part of my Tapas party.
    All my guests LOVED it.

  10. I love eggs and i love cooking,i haven’t seen or heard about preparing eggs these various ways,they all look mouth watering which i may try or attempt if i have the right ingredients,these egg dishes looks like a winner to me,Emmett North Jr.

  11. Dr Papori

    the colour of the eggs is fab. i wonder if we can get the same colour with the Dark Soya sauce that we get in this part of india

  12. Dr Papori

    i have a birthday party and I was wondering if anyone would suggest some recipe with hard boiled eggs and lots and lots of cheese…

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