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  1. Hi Laura, I’ve not tried doing that myself. Since it’s not yeasted, there is no chance of over-proofing. Just be careful as it does have milk and youghurt in it and if it’s warm where you live, it may spoil? Really not sure!

    • Such a great recipe. The dough was sticky but it meant plenty of moisture so after I it needed and left it, it rose perfectly and was easy to roll out with some flour for dusting. Family enjoyed the naans. Thank you for sharing this recipe it’s definitely one I will be using for years to come!


        • It’s a great recipe, I tried it on Easter, my cousins kids loved the naan. It was soft and delicious. The only thing I want to know is that if there’s a way to make the naan fluff up a little? It was a little flattish apart from that brilliant recipe. Thanks


  2. Great recipe! I would love to try it. Do you know how many carbs are in each piece of naan? I have diabetes and have to count my carbs.

  3. After all the elbow grease, I´m so excited to taste my naans.

    But I have a doubt, I was wondering if the recipe doesn´t need salt.

  4. The dough was very sticky and difficult to manage. I had to add almost an extra half a cup to be able to handle the dough. Was very disappointed 😓.

  5. There must be a typo. Do you mean 3/4 ounces of water instead of 3/4 cup? Even with almost 4 cups of flour, this was WAY too sticky to handle. Waaaaay to much liquid for 2 cups of flour.

  6. I’m going to try this in my mixer next time. This first time the dough was a sticky mess that could not be handled even after adding an extra cup of flour. I trust that your recipe is correct, I just know that I am not an experienced dough-handler in any regard. For any other newbies thinking of trying this, I suggest using a mixer as well.

  7. There’s no salt in this recipe, is that normal ? what if I want to add some salt to it, will it ruin the recipe ?


  8. You may leave the dough in the fridge. It will be perfect. Then keep it on the counter for at least 30 minutes before making naan.
    I do this all the time :-)


  9. This was amazing! Next time we’re making twice the serving amount, because we ate it all too fast! This is going to be our go-to naan recipe. Thank you so much!

  10. Made this last night and it was so good! I didn’t have yogurt so substituted with milk and they turned out perfect. Thank you, I will definitely be making this often.

  11. Has anyone tried making a big batch and freezing? Wondering if could be frozen either before or after cooking? Also, does the recipe worked stuffed? Ie with some shredded coconut?


  12. Am I reading the same recipe as everyone else? The comments don’t match the instructions in the recipe (e.g. 1 hour proofing vs 2 hrs and adding water to one side of the naan before placing it on the skillet). So confused.

  13. I try these Naan recipe but my Naan didn’t came out fluffy like the way Naan should came out please tell me what would be wrong I used 1/4cup yeast .

  14. Hi there. Please explain, what do you mean to transfer flour on a flat surface? It maes more sence to use a bowl since it’s powder. Do I mix sugar water and dry yeast only? And then add the flour?

  15. I used to make your naan, but I came back to the recipe and it has changed! Can I still find the original anywhere? Where you actually flip the naan and skillet over the direct flame? This was my favorite! Please repost!

  16. Dough was very sticky. Really, the recipe should be in weight, preferably grams. Everyone measures cups of flour differently.
    2 cups of AP flour is 250 grams. 1/2 cup of yogurt is 142 grams, of which 1/2 or 71 grams is liquid. 1/2 cup of water is 113 grams.
    So 184 grams of liquid divided by 250 grams of flour = a hydration factor of 74%. That is very sticky dough. Too sticky to handle, too sticky to roll out. Also. flour without 1.5 to 2% salt is tasteless. Why not include salt as 2% of flour weight (in this case 5 grams)? Then if people choose to brush melted butter on the naan, they can use unsalted butter.


    • Hi Robert, what type of cup are you using? I have personally made this recipe and had no problem. If it’s sticky, just add a little bit more flour to bind the dough. Many have tried with success.

      • There are a lot of differences in how people measure flour. I’ve found that with most recipes, if it doesn’t call for “sifted” flour, then I need to use the measuring cup to scoop the flour out of the bag, which packs it into the cup somewhat. If I pour from the bag into the measuring cup, it is less packed and most recipes end up too wet/sticky. That is one reason why some very precise recipes call for weight rather than volume. If you find the recipe seems too wet, try changing the way you measure your flour. I often forget and end up with very sticky dough, so I’m trying to remember this for myself! :)

  17. Loved this! Was so easy to make. Finally no more store bought naan with my chicken korma. I can make my own! I just added a bit more flour as my dough was too sticky. Other than that I didn’t change anything to the recipe. Thanks for sharing!


  18. I notice some people are having wet dough issues. It should be noted, certain brands of flour contain more protein than others. Resulting in a dryer mix when combined with water. The more protein, the more water is needed. Also, the method of kneading by hand or a mixer will determine how less/more water you need. Just a FYI. No need to criticize the recipe. This is a standard naan/pita recipe. I use this ratio through out the week. Initial dryness varies depending on how cheap I was being when purchasing flour at that time. I do add a tsp of salt in the dough, don’t use butter with my naan.


      • It is also true that the moisture level of the flour and the humidity in the air on the day you make dough has an effect, not to mention other aspects of weather. I used to bake bread for a living in my younger days and noticed this, and many other subtleties. The truth of baking any kind of bread is that if you want it right you have to do it consistently. The nice thing about this excellent recipe, that it is for a small batch, is perhaps also why some have trouble. They aren’t being exact in their measurements, or their methods of measurement.


        • Hi Theo, thanks for your very useful comment. For those who are having trouble, just add a little more flour and the dough should be fine to work with. I have had no problems with this homemade naan recipe and I always make them. :)

  19. I have never made naan or any bread, but this was really good and easy,tasted delicious
    Thanks for this easy to follow recipe


  20. Hi! Just wondering if this can be made on an electric stove, or is a gas flame necessary for the naan to bubble nicely?


  21. Hello,

    would it be possible to provide the amounts in metric units (in grams)? I live in Europe and we do not have references to the US measurements – furthermore they are very imprecise for baking.

    Thanks for your help.


      • For all Europeans and other bread aficionados,

        precise bread baking does not make sense using volume (take a coup of flour and slap it twice on your desk and you will be able to add more flour due to volume changes). Better is to use grams (as also some very famous US artisan bakers suggest).

        Using your conversion table I will end up at a total wet dough with a hydration of more than 82%. Although you say measures worked with others – it will not work for me (and believe me I bake a lot of high hydration doughs). Randomly adding flour to the dough to make it stiffer is a not a satisfying and reproducible baking experience.

        Therefore I adapted the recipe to a hydration of 72% (TA 172) and weigh my ingredients (using weights you can easily increase or decrease hydration by 1% steps – you are under control and not your dough :). Also increasing fermentation time (due to lower yeast amounts and no sugar) will help increasing the overall flavor complexity.

        Use the the water and the yogurt and (shortly) mix the flour and let rest for eat least 30 min. for better gluten developmen (no big kneading needed)t. After that add fresh yeast (no sugar!), salt and oil (I used some ghee). I use the stretch and fold method every 30 min. afterwards. I did 3-4 s&f rounds. Bulk fermentation will take another 1-2 hours (depending on room temperature). Afterwards divide and shape and let rest the small balls for 15-20 mins (gluten relaxation).

        Then follow above baking steps.

        Hydration approx 72% (assuming yogurt has a hydration of approx. 75%):

        300g All-purpose flour e.g. 550
        138g Warm water
        104g Plain yogurt
        6g Fresh yeast
        6g Salt
        12g Oil (or 15g melted ghee (be careful about temp when adding to the yeast))

        Happy naan baking,

        • Chris, thanks for your revised recipe. This is not a baking recipe even though there is a dough, you make the naan on skillet. Anyway, I have made this many times with no problem. If the dough is sticky, then add a little bit more flour. That’s that only thing you need to do.

  22. Rasa. I have never eaten nor made Naan. Does it puff up enough that I could use it as a pocket bread? Thank you for your answer.

  23. Made this tonight, it was a hit. The dough is supposed to be sticky, if not then your nann will not be soft. It is unlike bread or pizza dough with a smooth non sticky texture. Trust the author of the recipe when she says she made it countless number of times with success. Flour your hands before shaping the dough into balls, dip it into the flour and shake of excess flour then your dough will not be sticky anymore and ready for rolling.

  24. Tried this today, guess I am lucky live in the desert so I had no issues. Followed this exactly and worked just fine. I will admit the flour well kind of had me going for a minute, but used my handy dandy scraper and all was good. Was wonderful with my chicken curry. Will make again.

  25. Can I use mini oven instead of stove? I have cast iron skillet. Maybe I can preheat the skillet together with the oven?
    But max temp of my oven is only 220C.
    By the way if cooking in the skillet on stove, do you mean using max. heat all the time?


  26. Thanks for the great recipe. I used half whole wheat flour and half normal flour and it was great. Next time I may replace sugar by honey as I have seen in some restaurants…
    Ps sorry for some reason I can t select the 5 stars but it deserves it.


  27. Will an electric fry pan work or one of the new copper skillets?

    I’ve been so curious to try this after seeing a blurb on the cooking channel.do you break off pieces and use those pieces as a “spoonula” to scoop up whatever you are serving with?

    What do you suggest making to eat it with it

  28. Delicious, soft dough! It was very easy to handle. I have to work on getting the right temperature for the cast iron pan as I had a kitchen full of smoke!


  29. Just made this for the first time. It is a sticky dough. Lightly dust hands with flour when working with it after it has proofed.

    Used dough hook in stand mixer. I worked it a little less time focusing on the dough ball coming together, the smoothness of the dough and shininess. I let in rise for the hour and made two naan breads for dinner. It was soft and crispy and my husband was impressed. Thank you for this delicious easy recipe.

    How long does the refrigerated naan bread dough last?


  30. I don’t have plain yogurt at the moment but I do have sour cream… Am I better off replacing the yogurt with sour cream or with milk as mentionned in a previous comment?

    Really looking forward to try your recipe!

  31. Awesome naan recipe better than any I have had in an Indian restaurant. My husband loved it I am making again tonight to have with our shish kabobs. Thank you for bringing this recipe to us all.

  32. Omigod these were the best thing ever. I’m so grateful to have come across your site. Uber easy to make – so tender, fresh and delicious!!!
    Instead of adding extra flour that some posters commented on (it can really toughen the dough), I just added a little more oil when kneading and then another tablespoon when setting to rise. A dusting of flour when rolling and that was it! The recipe as written was perfect and spot on!! I can’t wait to explore the rest of this site for more delicious wisdom!! Thank you so much!!!


  33. Love this recipe. The dough was sticky but with a little more flour it was fine. The naan didn’t bubble up a lot but i think it was because i was too in a hurry to taste it and didn’t let the skillet to heat enough. Otherwise it was perfect and i will do it again for sure.


  34. Actually I’m a novice in cooking. my mom challenged me that naan is very difficult and asked not to go by online recipes. i tried this and prepared it so well. even as a first timer i could do it well. thanks you so much .


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