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Peanut and Cornflake Cookies

Peanuts and Cornflake Cookie Recipe
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This past couple of weeks, I have been totally consumed by following the very popular Korean Drama “You Who Came from the Star” that I have pretty much neglected this blog. The Rasa Malaysia kitchen has been closed as I follow the episode after episode every day and night. Plus the rainy weather here in Southern California just gives me the perfect excuse—no natural light for food photography—to just indulge in the Korean alien and human love affair. It’s actually quite liberating, to live in the Korean drama love bubble for a little bit and not having to worry about new recipe development for Rasa Malaysia. I need my break, too.

Peanut and Cornflake Cookies

Of course I am truly lucky that I have my contributor CP Choong covering for me by sharing a few amazing baking recipes: mini Nutella cheesecake, mini brownie butter cake, Nutella pound cake. She actually shared this peanut and cornflake cookies recipe with me a few months ago but I haven’t gotten to posting the recipe on the blog until now. So here it is, the crispy, aromatic, crunchy peanut and cornflake cookies, perfect for your weekend’s baking. If you are like me and follow TV drama, this is a great snack to have while you are taking in the sappy love story or happy romance of the drama world. Get yourself a cup of coffee, and if you’re in a wintery place, bundle up, wear your socks, cover up with your favorite throw or blanket while sitting/lying on the couch, turn on your TV or computer screen, and then just sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Life can be as simple as that, drama, coffee, and cookies! This peanut and cornflake cookies (chocolate cornflakes!) combine the two best ingredients for cookies, and I am sure you will love this recipe very much. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Lindy

    I live in New Zealand. What is your “cake flour” – we have plain flour, high grade flour (used for fruit cakes) self raising flour (this has a raising agent already in it). Wholemeal flour,corn or maize flour (very fine for recipes like melting moments). Are any of these like your cake flour?

  2. mindy

    LINDY,if you google cake flour, wou will see that it can be made by taking a cup of all purpose bread flour and substituting 2 T of it with Cornstarch. It makes the cookies lighter. Google will take you to a lot of good flour sites.

  3. Felicia Ng

    Hi, I do not have Shortening at home, may I know what can I replace with? I heard Shortening is not good for health, is that true?


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