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Garlic Shrimp

Garlic Shrimp
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Inspired by my recent trip to Hawaii, I made garlic shrimp today. It’s not quite the shrimp scampi I had, but it’s a close cousin done in Chinese style and without too much grease.

Garlic and shrimp are two of my favorite ingredients and I love pairing them together whenever I feel like having a shrimp dish. Most people in the United States prefer shelled shrimp, but for garlic shrimp, I strongly suggest you to cook the shrimp head-on and with the shell intact. The shrimp head and the shell “soak up” the fragrance and nuance imbued by the chopped garlic and butter used in this garlic shrimp recipe.  The natural sweetness of the shrimp heads and shell also add depth to this dish.

If you love shrimp, you will definitely love garlic shrimp. This garlic shrimp recipe is quite easy to prepare and I hope you will get to try it soon. Do check out my shrimp recipes, too.

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  1. Hmmm… the shrimp looks delicious! I rarely eat shrimp with the shell on since I don’t like peeling it. The only times I eat shrimp with shells on are steamed shrimps with ginger in chinese restaurants. :D I think am gonna try that one but shelled, use the shell to make a stock and use it as part of the ‘stir fry’ sauce :D

  2. rabeeya

    yummy………. just what i was looking for, unfortunately the shrimps i have on hand are pre-shelled n deveined. what can i add to keep it as tasty as your recipe?

  3. rabeeya

    also, where does the 1/2 tspoon Chinese rice wine come in? Do we add it when we saute the shrimps or when we cook it with the lid on?

  4. Tokyo Terrace

    This looks like a wonderful dish! I am going to Hawaii in March and hopefully will have some delicious food discoveries and inspiration too. Any suggestions? Gorgeous photos too by the way!

  5. afhstingray

    pat dry with water? hehe. typo!

    cant wait to get back to a residence with a kitchen so i can make this. i’ve been living out of hotels recently!!!

  6. this looks like good old home-cooked dish.
    almost like our very own ‘Kon Chin Har’ (panfried prawns with soy sauce)
    a signature at Ipoh’s Mun Cheong Restaurant.

  7. Karie

    I have 2 kilos of prawns sitting in my freezer and I am definitely going to try this recipe and all your other shrimp recipes. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me.

    Oh, and I think this is my first comment ever since I started reading your blog a year ago.


  8. Susan

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! Do you devein the shrimps even when you leave the shells intact? If yes, how do you do it? Sorry, I’m a novice cook!

  9. Kay

    When you say, “The natural sweetness of the shrimp heads and shell also add depth to this dish” are you meaning that you eat or suck the shrimp heads, which I know people do, or does it just add flavor to the overall dish?? Just wondering. I’d normally cook w/o the heads just because firstly I’m not used to it, and second, it’s kind of creepy to see a bunch of heads and faces on my dish, but I’d be willing to try because your pictures look so delicious! And if you recommend it! Thank you for your great recipes!!

    • Kay – both. Yes, you can suck the head and the juice in the head. Secondly, the shell and head have a lot of flavors themselves plus when you cook them, the juice inside the head “comes out” so it adds an extra layer of flavor to this dish. They make the taste briny and shrimpy, basically.

  10. Hi Bee!!!
    I hope you are doing well!!! I just made this recipe today and it turned out great, actually I didn’t have rice wine so i added a few soup spoons of chardonay.LOL it was fabulous! Thanks for sharing

  11. Amelia Chee

    Tried it, loved it! I cooked with de-shelled shrimps. It still tastes very good. The wine brings out the flavour of this simple recipe , thanks!

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