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Home-style Tofu Recipe (Tofu with Mushrooms)


Recipe: Home-style Tofu

1 block fresh or boxed tofu (soft or silken)
2 oz. ground pork
6 shrimps
10 canned button mushroom
3 cloves garlic (finely chopped)
1 stalk scallions (chopped into small rounds)
2 tablespoons cooking oil

Brown Sauce:

1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 tablespoon shaoxing wine
1/2 tablespoon soy sauce
3 tablespoons water
1/2 tablespoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon sesame oil
2 dashes white pepper powder
1 teaspoon corn starch


Cut the tofu into small pieces, pat dry with paper towels. Mix the brown sauce mixture well and set aside.

Heat up a wok and add cooking oil. When the oil is heated, add garlic and stir-fry until light brown. Add in the ground pork, shrimp, and mushroom. Stir-fry to break the ground pork into smaller lumps, then follow by the tofu. Do a quick stir before adding the brown sauce mixture. Gently stir-fry the tofu and bring the sauce to boil. Add the chopped scallions, do a few quick stirs, dish out and serve immediately with steamed white rice.

Cook’s Note:

If you use silken tofu, please be extremely gentle with the tofu when you cut and cook it.

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  1. There is a restaurant in Tokyo, all they serve is tofu. All dishes are made of tofu but they are so good you won’t know it’s tofu. They also use yuba (tofu skin) to make dumplings, everything is so great. I agree with you, tofu is delicious but you need to know how to cook with other ingredients.

  2. Caroline

    I love this new gallery, it’s so great to see your photos on the same page. By the way, your home-style tofu looks very homey and and I am sure it’s delicious. My mother has a tofu recipe but she deep-fried it first and then braised with mushrooms and bamboo shoot. I love tofu dishes.

  3. Hiro – correct, I heard many friends in Tokyo who told me that. Gotta try it out the next time I head out there. Do you know the name of the restaurant?

    Caroline – thanks about the gallery. Now, I have to manually change all the gallery on the old post. Lots of work. :(

  4. Tummythoz – yes, I love the ones with black mushrooms too.

    Choc Shavings – thank you!

    Helene – thanks, finally I have a solution that fits within the post. :)

    Kalyn – it’s a super food, so it’s great to eat more.

  5. NYMY

    How I wish my retirement savings are going the same way as my cholesterol reading (up and up!). The doctor said I can always count on tofu to help “hedge” the cholesterol risk. For me, any tofu is good but not stinky tofu 臭豆腐. Your version of tofu looks like the ever popular tofu dish in Chinatown, the claypot tofu 豆腐煲. But the tofu dish I love best are the one you get in Malaysia, teppan tofu 鉄板豆腐. Yum! I also quite enjoy some Korean tofu houses that’s popping up all over the places now. I believe they use more of the silky tofu 滑豆腐/ 嫩豆腐. For those health buffs, eat more tofu.

  6. I luv tofu too, esp MaPo Tofu!

    I have tried cooking the tofu dish in ur 1st pic b4. ;)

    Like ur idea of putting ur copyright sign on that mushroom. ;p

  7. Lydia – yes, mapo tofu is great. Love it, too. And correct, the spicier the better, and I love the numbing. ;)

    Dora – you tried my mapo tofu recipe? That’s great. I hope you liked it. Yeah, I have to start watermarking my pictures…to fend off photo thieves. There are so many out there. :P

  8. I recently made this dish and it’s wonderful! Very very light – perfect for summer. Thank you for the recipe!

    I have tried your other tofu recipes too – Ma Po Tofu and Steamed Tofu. I really enjoy your blog!

  9. Andy Jackson

    Hi the brown sauce recipe is very good but i may have used the wrong soy sauce.

    Should I use Light or dark soy please help thank you.

  10. Alex

    The title says “Home-style Tofu Recipe (Tofu with Mushrooms)”
    But nor in the ingredients nor in the method not a word about mushrooms…

  11. robyn94

    hi, I’m cooking for my vegetarian friend and was wondering would this recipe and the si chuan mapo tofu recipe still be as good without the meat? or would i have to substitute something instead of the meat?

  12. Rachel

    OMG, this reminds me of home so much. I’m currently abroad studying and your blog makes me so homesick. Ahh, can’t wait to go back again.

    Love your blog, I really look forward to all your recipes! Keep up the awesome work!!

  13. Linda

    was perusing your recipes and saw the comments. The restaurant in Tokyo the previous commentor was referring to is ‘ume no hana’. Next time you visit tokyo, try it. It’s delicious and super filling. You wouldn’t guess it would be from the sizes, but we’re always full, but we do order the largest one too :D

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