Steamed Dumplings
Steamed Dumplings
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There is no secret that I love dumplings—dumplings such as potstickerspork and leeks dumplings, pan-fried dumplings, or xiao long bao. Recently, a coworker from Japan is in town and we were discussing about going for a dim sum/dumpling lunch. All the dumpling talks triggered a sharp craving in me that I had to make my own steamed dumplings.

Steamed Dumplings

Making dumplings is really not so hard and you can get all the needed ingredients from regular stores: dumpling wrappers, ground pork, etc. To me, the slightly difficult part is the folding or pleating of dumplings, an easy skill that just requires some practices and training.

Steamed Dumplings

However, if you are new to making dumplings at home, you can just fold it into half moon shape and then pleat and fold into simple shapes. As you are more comfortable with the folding, then you can make your dumplings prettier like this photo below.

Steamed Dumplings

My steamed dumplings are filled with shrimp and ground pork. If you don’t eat pork, you can always substitute it with ground chicken or even ground turkey. Do try out my steamed dumplings recipe if you love dumplings. These dumplings make a great and refreshing lunch or afternoon snack, especially with Chinese tea. Enjoy!

RECIPE HERE: Steamed Dumplings
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  1. Laurie says:

    I like eating dumplings. Before in Hong Kong, we eat dim sum only, now we have more China food in Hong Kong and we also eat dumplings now.

  2. Tommy says:

    AHHH Dumplings!

    Those look quite delicious and are making me crave some now that its almost 11pm. This recipe makes me happy considering this is how I usually make my dumplings, although I add a little sugar (personal preference) and I just boil (can’t find the steamer). Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your posts and seeing the recipes that you take your time to post for all of us to enjoy. After I make some more dumplings, I’m gonna get around to trying out the char siu. =D

  3. Amrita says:

    Everyone in my family are dumpling-o-holics! But the last time I attempted making a batch they turned out soooo undercooked we ended up screwing up our faces at them! Now I know the right way!

  4. juhuacha says:

    Yummy… I love dumpling. This recipe seems easy. But I must master the pleating and folding first before I can make nice looking dumplings like yours.

    • If you are just eating yourself, it’s OK if you don’t master the folding and pleating as long as the dumpling is sealed tight. You will get better overtime. :)

  5. noobcook says:

    they look incredible and so perfectly pleated. Gorgeous photos.

  6. tigerfish says:

    I have cravings for boiled, steamed or pan-fried dumplings at different times! But usually, I boil my dumplings cos’ that requires the least time.

    • Yes, Tiga, boiling is the fastest, but sometimes, the dumplings “burst” while boiling. Steaming is actually not bad since it doesn’t smoke up the kitchen and also non-greasy. Try it.

  7. NYMY says:

    Give me 2 dozens, please? Your steamed dumplings looked oh so fabulous! The pleating looks even better than most of the restaurants I have enjoyed these simple yet satisfying dish. Amazing how I started to enjoy dumplings as snacks, appetizers. Now, I can eat these sucker dumplings as a meal. Well done!

  8. Cynthia says:

    I too love dumplings in any form – steamed, fried or boiled. I could live on these things! Your pleats are awesome.

  9. wmw says:

    These are great stuff, the dumplings you made looks good!

  10. Chef Ward says:

    I love DUMPLINGS. they make my day.

  11. Oh… how I love dumplings!! Pork and prawns are great combo!

  12. Aimei says:

    Like you, I love all kinds of dumlpings too, especially with shrimp. I’ve just suscribed to your site. :)

    Can I steam the dumplings using a wok as I don’t have a bambo steamer?

  13. Marion says:

    Here is a video showing how to pleat the dumplings…….it looks like it takes practice!

  14. Hi there, when you said dumpling wrapper, it is the same as wonton wrapper right? Anyway, love your blog and I’ve added it to my list of blogs that I’ll surely follow.

    • Wonton wrappers are more yellowish in color. Dumpling wrapper is the same as potstickers wrappers and they are whiter in color. Not sure how they are sold in Malaysia/Singapore.

  15. Mary says:

    I only learned to eat dumplings after I came to UK. Chinese people from China taught me how to make them and cook them. It goes great with balsamic vinegar. That’s how they eat in China. In Malaysia, I was brought up to eat wantan, either dry or in soup. I didn’t realise you can steam it. I’m going to try that. Oh yes, the Chinese train their children to eat vegetables by making dumplings for them. You can hide a lot of vegetables in them. Thought that’s such a great idea. Anyway, thanks for the recipe.

  16. Olive – no, shaoxing wine is not the same as rice wine vinegar. It’s OK to use dry sherry, if not, skip it. :)

  17. Anu says:

    OMG! Yet another wonderful recipe that I must, must try!! *mouth waters* You do such an amazing job. They look really good!

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  19. Bonny Day says:

    Where do you find the dumpling wrappers?

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  21. MAx200g says:

    Is there a recipe for the dipping sauce?

  22. cheyenne says:

    I have tried making them today! But the dumplings turn out quite dry both the outer skin and the fillings… what might have go wrong? the fillings tastes OK but abit tough though.. how can I improve it? Thanks in advance and I love all your receipes! Have tried a few and success rate is v high! : ))

  23. Cinque Reeves says:

    Recipe for black vinegar dipping sauce, please. About to Christen my bamboo steamer.

  24. Familyfu says:

    Hi! When u mention 1/2 ground pork do you mean 1/2 kg? So sorry, first time trying to make dumplings ;)

  25. I personally found this amazing blog , “Steamed Dumplings | Steamed
    Dumplings Recipe | Easy Asian Recipes at RasaMalaysia.
    com”, really interesting and the blog post was in
    fact a superb read. Many thanks-Chastity

  26. putery says:

    Hey there. Do you know where I can get halal dumplings in Penang?

  27. Sherry says:

    My husband and I both love steamed dumplings, and have them every time we go to our favorite Thai restaurant. My husband was stationed in Thailand when he was in the military. Although it was a small area where he was located, there was a Thai cook that made a green papaya salad with sticky rice for the guys there and my husband absolutely loved it! The restaurant we go to does not have it Do you have a recipe for this salad and the sticky rice? I would love to have it.

  28. junmay says:

    Hi! I’m quite a novice at cooking and really would like to try these, but how much exactly is 1/2 pound? and i was looking at the gyoza recipes as well, how much is 12 oz.? help!!! thanks!!!

  29. Jane917 says:

    Do these dumplings freeze well to steam at a later time? I am thinking of making them to take to our kids’ house for Chinese New Year. I would like to make them ahead of time and travel with them frozen, then steam when it is time to eat. Thank you!

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  31. the most important part of making dumplings is the skin. the ingredient can be change to seafood/chicken/vegetarian..etc. where is the recipe to the skin?

  32. trish says:

    i love ur page can u please put up how 2 make dim sims plz,miss them from australia

  33. Michael says:

    Thanks so much for this encouraging post to get me steaming dumplings! I have been putting off for too long.
    Do you know the ingredients of the dumpling called “Shark Fin Gow”? I believe it’s name is for the shape, and does not have shark fin. It’s my favorite dumpling at dim sum.

    Okay… as I am writing this, my wife just says to me, “We should go to dim sum for lunch today.” How cool is that?! You’re magic.

  34. Tanuja says:

    If Ii have make for guest how will I make n store n steam before serving?? I m expecting around 15 people…can u plz help…..

  35. Dharsh says:

    Sorry I know this msg is so late but I absolutely love ur website n credit it to being the only reason I started cooking for the family at home!! It was all takeout before that! Btw, do I have to cook/steam the dumpling before freezing or do I freeze it in its raw form? Thx!!

  36. Dan says:

    love your site, just wondering with these dumplings is there any way to steam them if you dont have a bamboo steamer?

  37. Elysia Fisher says:

    I made these the other night and they were delish! Only seem to have one issue and that is that the meat always comes out a bit dry. What am I doing wrong?

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