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Fried Rice

Fried Rice - easy Chinese fried rice recipe with rice, eggs, chicken, shrimp and tastes SO MUCH better than takeout!! |

Fried Rice

Fried Rice – easy Chinese fried rice recipe with rice, eggs, chicken, shrimp and tastes SO MUCH better than takeout!! |

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2 tablespoons oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
4 oz chicken breast, cut into cubes
4 oz shrimp, peeled, shelled and deveined
1 cup frozen mixed vegetables, thawed
12 oz overnight rice
1 tablespoon fish sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1/4 teaspoon oyster sauce
3 dashes white pepper
2 eggs, lightly beaten
Salt to taste

Heat up a wok or pan with two tablespoons of oil. Add the garlic and stir fry until aromatic, follow by chicken, shrimp, and mixed vegetables. Stir fry until the chicken and shrimp are half cooked. Add in the rice and stir well with the ingredients. Add the fish sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, white pepper and continue to stir the fried rice for a couple of minutes.

Using the spatula, push the rice to the side of the wok and make a “well” in the middle of the fried rice. Pour the beaten eggs in the “well.” Wait for 30 seconds and then cover the eggs with the fried rice. Leave it for 30 seconds to 1 minute and continue to stir-fry so the eggs form into small pieces and mix well with the fried rice. Add in salt to taste and do some quick stirs, dish out and serve hot.

Fried Rice - easy Chinese fried rice recipe with rice, eggs, chicken, shrimp and tastes SO MUCH better than takeout!! |

Fried Rice

Fried Rice – easy Chinese fried rice recipe with rice, eggs, chicken, shrimp and tastes SO MUCH better than takeout!!

Fried Rice - easy Chinese fried rice recipe with rice, eggs, chicken, shrimp and tastes SO MUCH better than takeout!! |

Fried rice is hugely popular and home-cooks are constantly looking for a great recipe. Fried rice is always the most popular item at Chinese restaurants. It’s very easy to make fried rice at home as the recipe is versatile and one can add any ingredients to it, plus it’s a great way to use up overnight or leftover rice and make it into an appetizing, cheap, and flavorful meal.

I love making chicken and shrimp fried rice because I always have the ingredients at home. Add in some frozen vegetables and you will have a filling and delicious dish, plus fried rice is so easy to make and takes less than 15 minutes and lunch or dinner is ready.

Fried Rice - easy Chinese fried rice recipe with rice, eggs, chicken, shrimp and tastes SO MUCH better than takeout!! |

The next time when you dine out at Asian or Chinese restaurants, make sure you ask for an extra serving of steamed white rice. Bring them home, and keep it in the refrigerator. The next day, you have the perfect overnight or leftover rice which is great for making fried rice as the water content in leftover rice is lower and the rice is dryer, so your fried rice will be nice, as each grain of rice will be “fried” by the heat, and not mushy and stick together, just like how my pictures are. Never make fried rice with freshly steamed rice or you are going to get a mushy, sticky fried rice that doesn’t look or taste good.

Fried Rice - easy Chinese fried rice recipe with rice, eggs, chicken, shrimp and tastes SO MUCH better than takeout!! |

This is my fried rice recipe for your reference. Do check out my collection of Chinese recipes. Enjoy!

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  1. NYMY

    I love long beans, they are great with fried omelet. I can imagine the taste and texture of long beans in fried rice–crunchy! This is a good idea for fried rice, I will have to try your fried rice recipe soon.

  2. TikiPundit

    As for me, I like fried rice after 10 p.m. or before 10 a.m! The rice and egg do seem a great base for anything you’d like to add to fried rice, be it Portuguese sausage or pork or shrimp.

  3. Yum, I love fried rice, even if sometimes I prepare my fried rice plain with just rice, eggs and soy sauce. I prefer fried rice over steamed rice for my Chinese dishes…

  4. June Ong

    My kids have fried rice once a week because I am too lazy to cook the usual 1 soup + 2 dishes meals on weekends. I think fried rice with long beans tastes better than with frozen mixed veges. I like fried rice with salted fish pieces and cubes of pineapple. Don’t mind a bit of belacan as well. I find Yangzhou fried rice a bit too oily as with most of fried rice served at restaurants.

  5. Craft Passion

    Oh, didn’t know that fried rice is better with ginger than garlic , should try some one day, thanks for sharing your mother’s fried rice recipe! I love any fried rice as long as to go with sambal belacan, yummy yummy!!!

    • Karen – Nasi goreng kampung sounds very good, spiciness is always good with fried rice.

      June – yeah, I can imagine if you are cooking for kids. Fried rice is an easy out way once in a while. Of course!

      Craft Passion – ginger make the fried rice more “phang” (aromatic), try next time.

  6. Peter

    I’ve never been able to make fried rice like I had in Malaysia. I’ll give your fried rice recipe a try!

    Does the well for the eggs go down to the bottom of the wok (so the egg mixture is in contact with the wok while cooking), or is it more like a depression in the rice?
    How would you modify this fried rice recipe to make it like nasi goreng kampung? What spices and ingredients are changed?

    • Hi Peter – Yes, the eggs has to touch the bottom of the wok, so they get cooked directly. Nasi goreng kampung is the Malay version of fried rice with chili paste. So, it’s spicy. Hope this helps.

  7. I do Chinese takeout almost every week and fried rice is always on top of the list. I like fried rice with beef and broccoli but I can just eat it plain.

  8. oh i see your fried rice recipe has got a dash of fish sauce! that really makes the fried rice taste great in my opinion! :) i have always loved fried rice…my current favourite would be kimchi fried rice as i like that bit of spiciness. and i also like fried rice topped with salmon! :)

    • lingzie – I found fish sauce the best salt substitute for homestyle fried rice. I haven’t tried kimchi fried rice. I am sure it is delicious. Among other Asian fried rice, I do enjoy teppanyaki fried rice such as those in Benihana.
      John – why have white rice when you can enjoy fried rice :)
      mycookinghut – you can even have the dinner leftover fried rice as breakfast :P

  9. Some nasi goreng kampungs have large onions, kangkung (water convulus) and ikan bilis (dried anchovies) added to it together with bird’s eye chilli instead of chilli paste. :)

    Looking at this photos remind me of the Hokkien fried rice I had last night. Must go cook some again!

    • Miakoda – I’ve been to India several times but haven’t the chance to try their Chinese restaurants. I heard they are very good. Can you recommend any and whereabouts in India?
      Jay – yes! I remember Kuantan ham yu (salty fish). They are GOOD! I think the distinct smell in Thai fried rice is garlic, no? As for the RSS feed, I will try work out the kinks with my programmer.
      Sampada – thank you.
      Rita – for the portion in my fried rice recipe, 1/4 is just nice. Please adjust portion accordingly but I would advice to go light.
      pigpigscorner – thank you.
      Young Werther – it reminds me of the “argument” I have in my family regarding color of fried rice :)

  10. I love Szechuan Fried rice- all hot and spicy. But, I’m in India and I’ve heard that Indian Chinese food is very different from authentic Chinese. So as of now, its the Indian version that I love pigging out on when I go to a restaurant out here. Thanks for your fried rice recipe.

  11. Jay

    Chinese style fried rice is especially good with ham-yee (salted fish). Even better if it was the ham-yee from Kuantan :) Otherwise, it is also good with ngan-yee-chai (small anchovies).

    Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed your blog, and I really like the old RSS feed style with the entire article and photos. Makes a great reading when paired with an RSS reader on the iPhone. With the new RSS feed, I only see a small snippet of the article, and no photos :(

    Can you go back to the old RSS feed?

    Btw, good Thai fried rice is also yummy. They have this distinct (I think onion) smell to it. Any good Thai fried rice recipe?

  12. Sampada

    My hubby likes fried rice very much. here in U.S. we used to regularly have chicken fried rice in restaurants.. bookmarked your fried rice recipe… i always have a hard time find ingredients..however i found a great resource where i can pass great along as well.

  13. Hi there

    I have a question about the amount of oyster sauce, is it really just 1/4 teaspoon? That’s nearly nothyng, right? I use dto use more than that, but wanted to try your way.

  14. I’ve always had a disagreement with the family on the proper “colour” of fried rice, lightish or dark (with a dash of dark soya sauce).

    I tend to go for dark for my fried rice.

  15. I love fried rice! As does mostly everyone over here :) For Chinese-style a favorite of my hubby and I is salted fish fried rice. I also like the Thai rice with shrimp paste and sweet pork. In the Philippines, it’s common to have garlic fried rice for breakfast with egg and either salted/dried fish or some form of cured/marinated meat (called tapa or tocino) :) Thanks for sharing you mother’s fried rice recipe…it does sound absolutely delicious! And long beans is something I get regularly from my organic basket :)

    • joey – every ingredient you mentioned just showed how many different ways we can enjoy fried rice. Maybe Iron Chef can have a fried rice competition!
      lin – i do not have kolo mee recipe. stay tuned as you never know if 1 of my guest writer does :)

  16. Yes, Indian Chinese food is very tasty! I’d recommend Wang’s Kitchen, which is in two places in South India. But you know, from our local wayside places, called Dhabas, to high end restaurants, Indian Chinese pretty much tastes the same everywhere and tastes good too!

    One funny thing- there’s a hotel (here in Chennai) called Canton and they have a Kimchi there that I adore so much, I go there just for that. But here’s the catch-its not really Kimchi at all. After pestering them again and again, and with some guess work, I managed to re-create it. Its almost a salad of thin matchstick cuts of cabbage, carrot, cucumber, green bell pepper, onion, unripe mango and some deep fried ribbon noodles thats tossed in a dressing of tomato sauce/puree, sugar, salt and dried red chilly paste. The sugar and chilly paste should be balanced to give it a sweet spicy taste and there’s plenty of tomato sauce in it- the dish is all red. Its so good! :) But its still funny that its called Kimchi!

  17. Indian Chinese food was invented by the small Chinese community in Kolkata, so I would definitely recommend trying some Indian Chinese food there. The restaurant I recommend is Mainland China, which had the most amazing Indian Chinese food I have ever had. Mainland China has outposts in other Indian cities as well. Miakoda is right that you can find Indian Chinese food almost anywhere in India as it is extremely popular.

  18. This fried rice recipe sounds fantastic! Fried rice is one of my all-time, top comfort foods. I love shrimp fried rice with all the usual things like carrots and peas, and I love it with lots of green onion.

    • Nate – yes, always use shrimp :)
      Miakoda and Dev – thanks for sharing the information. At least now we have some idea when we are craving for Chinese food in India.
      lisaiscooking – well said, fried rice is top comfort food indeed.

  19. octopod

    My favourite fried rice is either kimchi fried rice with diced yellow onion (mmm) or just plain style with garlic and egg and maybe peas. I learned from an Indonesian cook, though, that it works well if you scramble the eggs first, scrape them out of the pan, and then add them back to the rice once it’s oily and broken up. I never got this “egg well” thing to work very well for me, although my grandma always did it that way.

    Although actually, I’ve just been dicing and refrying my leftovers when I make fried rice, lately — if it was good the first time, it usually works pretty well the second! And that’s what the dish is for, right?

    • Rose Scharff

      I’am from Guam and we all love “Fried Rice”
      I find your receipe similar to our’s so,I know for a fact your fried rice receipe will taste delicious. I will continue and looking forward on trying out the rest of your receipies and I know I will enjoy them all!

  20. purplerose

    OMG!I just love fried rice!back in malaysia, whenever i go to the ‘mamak’ with a tomyam stall, i will be sure to order Nasi Goreng Cina with a bowl of spicy tomyam…slurp..slurp..usually the fried rice is served with bull’s eye fried egg.nyumm!
    my hubby tried cooking it for was really good..but i still miss malaysia’s NGC.. it ok to substitute long beans with french beans instead?will it still be chinese fried rice?heheh..
    im gonna try this fried rice recipe soooon :)

  21. John

    I love fried rice and always look for a good fried rice recipe. Your fried rice recipe is very easy and I love long beans, will try out your fried rice recipe.

  22. bill

    Does it matter long grain or medium grain rice for fried rice.
    Mine usually comes out quite mushy…


  23. Mycan Cabuco

    i’ve got 2 questions: (1)how long does it take to cook this recipe? and the second (2)how many people can eat? i’m in a cooking club and usually, the problem is when we’re looking for a delicious recipe is that they don’t include how long and how many can eat.

  24. Ruthge

    Thanks a million. The part where you have written about covering the egg with rice for 30 seconds was a fab idea. It never struck me all these years. It came out very well, I am sure Imy son will like it.

  25. Simon

    Interesting combo of recipes. I guess there are tons of variations with fried rice, I had dinner with 3 different chinese family chefs all of them made their own version of fried rice.

    I actually tried my own fried rice variation that came out pretty well. I used leftover marinated chicken, ginger, garlic, chinese broccoli, spring onions and bok choy. I combined shaoxing wine, Ketcap manis, white pepper and a dash of oyster sauce and a touch of sesame oil.

    I respect your view when it comes to westernized chinese food. Take out foods here is basically oil oil, msg, msg, sodium sodium and frozen vegetables.

    Your blog has been a main inspiration ever since i stumbled upon your sites. Time to get back to writing on my future eBook.

  26. Shana

    I definitely want to try this! The last time I went to the Asian market here, there were at least 20 different types of fish sauce, and they all looked totally different (different colors, some liquid, some more jelly-ish in a jar) what kind would you recommend? Thanks!

  27. Peter Tan

    It’s a versatile dish and you could add different things. I don’t like prawns, but I think Chinese sausage (lap cheong) or chopped char siew (Chinese barbecued pork) or even bacon are good additions for flavour.

  28. chinchyechia

    You can add almost any combination of proteins and veg so long as there’s no
    conflict in the resultant taste of the finished dish… I always try to use
    as an aromatic shallots additionally.

  29. Phil Yortumi

    Very good recipe for a more refined fried rice. Nice ginger flavor that is not overpowered by soy sauce, garlic and oil. I added a couple more ounces shrimp and some chinese barbequed pork (char siu) that I had leftover from a Chinese restaurant for a heartier meal.

  30. I tried this fried rice recipe and it turned out great. Except for chicken I used pork cut into very small pieces and cooked them separately in sesame oil. It was easier than I could have ever imagined. Family enjoyed it as well!!! Give it a try…

  31. Steven

    Tried this recipe exactly. Good for beginners/people who have never eaten high quality fried rice. Not good for me. Much prefer the kitchen tigress’s fried rice recipe. That lady has got it down to a science which I’m sure will be ripped off by amateur cooks soon enough.

    • Steven – this fried rice recipe is catered for Americans, as I am based here in the US and most of my readers are Americans. Fried rice can be made in so many different ways so it’s up to me how fancy and how “delicious” I wanted it to be but this recipe is for beginners who want to learn how to make an easy fried rice that taste good! :)

      • Steven

        It’s about your technique. Not about how fancy or delicious you want it to be. Does your fried really look like that one in the picture? :)

        • Hi Steven – my site is about easy Asian recipes for (mostly) American readers. I am a food blogger, not a chef and this website is not about cooking techniques. If you want techniques, you can check out my cookbook Easy Chinese Recipes. I wrote about some Chinese cooking techniques in that book. Kudos to Kitchen Tigress for her wonderful techniques and recipes, bravo to her for having fans such as yourself who adore her work. :)

          PS: Of course my fried rice looks like the ones in the pictures, I cook, style, and then shoot.

  32. kentuckylady717

    Your fried rice looks so good, wrote down 2 recipes to try…..I have tried so many and was disappointed in them all…..hoping this is the one I have been looking for…..I don’t have a wok, I assume a skillet will do :) I know some mentioned ginger in the recipe, but do not see it in yours’, ! so it isn’t necessary to use it eh ? I don’t cook with a lot of ginger anyways…..thanks for posting them…..

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