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Stir-fried Napa Cabbage Recipe


Recipe: Napa Cabbage with Dried Shrimp (and Straw Mushrooms)

3 cups chopped napa cabbage
6 straw mushrooms (cut into halves) – optional
3 cloves garlic (chopped finely)
2 tablespoons dried shrimp (soaked in warm water for 10 minutes, drained and set aside)
1 teaspoon oyster sauce
1 tablespoon cooking oil


Make the garlic oil first by stir-frying the chopped garlic with the cooking oil. Dish out half of it when the garlic turns golden brown.

With the remaining garlic oil in the wok, add in the dried shrimp and do a few quick stir until you smell the aroma of the dried shrimp. Add in the straw mushrooms and do a quick stir, then follow by the chopped napa cabbage. Stir fry for 1 minute and then add in the oyster sauce. Stir well and dish out the napa cabbage when it’s still somewhat “crunchy” and not over-cooked. Top the stir-fried napa cabbage with the remaining half of garlic oil. Serve immediately.

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  1. kennymah

    OH, this is perfect! I haven’t had this in ages and I’m feeling just a tad under the weather today. I wonder if I can get my friend to cook this for our dinner get-together tonight.

    It’s comfort food, it is.

    One thing about staying away from one’s real family and living in the big city, it’s always good to find a new family of similarly single friends to take care of ya… ;)

  2. Dave, 'LunaPierCook'

    I’m not Chinese nor Malaysian, but it’s photos like these and recipes like this one that make me like those cultures even more. :-)

  3. Dave, 'LunaPierCook'

    I’m not Chinese nor Malaysian, but it’s photos like these and recipes like this one that make me like those cultures even more. :-)

  4. dreamsicle

    what a coincidence, i’m actually eating this right now, only that mine has black fungus instead of the straw mushrooms. and i agree w/ u, it’s definitely a homey dish and i just wished my mum was preparing this for me. ^___^

  5. Anonymous

    this remind me about my brother. when we first got here, this is the only dish me and my sister made all the times. my brother’s favor. my mom used to cooked a pot of rice, after school, me and my sister rotated made lunch for 3 of us. me, my sister and my brother. too bad, my brother had been passed away by accident. the picture just remind me of him. very nice picture. love the malaysian style. not too well done. little bit crunchy.

  6. Keropok Man

    yes! i grew up eating this.

    and we are still eating this, because it is so yummy!

    sometimes we put in a packet of udon in this veg and it becomes a nice little meal. ;-)

  7. KayKat

    Looks delicious. I remember eating a lot of stir-friend cabbage (sans shrimp) at my favourite indo-chinese haunt in Madras :)

  8. Claude-Olivier

    Hi, your dish looks great !!! so you are coming in Europe, but not in Switzerland ? Too bad, we will never meet :-( Enjoy your trip ! cheers

  9. Cynthia

    I need to seriously do something about the collection of your recipes that I have! Thanks for this addition!

    If I haven’t already, a very happy and successful 2008 to you!

  10. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    you must add some chilli padi for the kick as well!..other then that yes, a comforting dish

  11. Diana

    Hey Bea,
    Thanks for leaving the comments on my site. Despite what you say about the your writing, I still love your blog.Your photography rocks!
    Oh, and I’m not Singaporean, so I’m not the least bit offended. :)

  12. joey

    Oh yum! I’m neither Malaysian nor Chinese but this does strike a chord with me too :) Sauteed cabbage with dried shrimp…may just whip this up one of these days!

    I love sauteeing veggies with dried shrimp…i have a jar of them here — not the sweetest smelling thing but packs a wallop of flavor! I love it! Must try the garlic oil too :)

  13. Rasa Malaysia

    Kenny – yes, it is comfort food, very easy to make yet so satisfying. :)

    Dave – thanks so much. I hope to deepen your interests in Malaysian cuisine with my blog and recipes. :)

    Steven – yeah, you can use normal cabbage, no problem.

    Dreamicle – oooh, black fungus, that’s a very good idea. Another kind I have tried is using dried cuttle fish instead of dried shrimp, it’s even better!!!

    Cindy – where is your home?

    Anonymous – so sorry to hear about your brother and I hope this dish brings back fond memories to you. :)

    Addie – En.

    Keropok – good idea…udon and bam, you have a complete meal. Thanks!

    Kaykat – in India, huh? Why not? Good food is universal.

    Claude – No, I don’t go to your country, just go to south of France. Oh well, next time then.

    Cynthia – you have to start making them instead of bookmarking them. :P

    Big Boys – yes, one the easiest to prepare. YUM!

    Joe – u are right, or dried chilies.

  14. Rasa Malaysia

    Yammylicious – yes, not oily but nice… :)

    Rose – I love them in soup too, with fish balls. ;)

    Diana – thanks for popping in.

    Joey – yes, sauteing with dried shrimp and any vegetables are good, never go wrong with it.

    Tummy – with fish balls?

    Little Corner of Mine – oooh, show me your version.

  15. jungle

    My first comment on your website after 2 months of reading it. Your website has been very addictive. Love your captivating and upbeat writing style, simple but wonderful recipes and brilliant pictures.

    Love the way you make simple things looks so exciting.

    Will definitely continue to read your blog.

  16. Mrs Ergül

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. It is indeed comfort food! I will love to add in these straw mushrooms but I have got no idea at all where I can get them in Singapore. In fact, I love them in Tom Yum soup served by a now closed down Thai restaurant chain and I never know the name for these mushrooms. Now I do, thank you!

    Btw, what mushrooms do you think will substitute well? Thanks!

  17. Chris

    My lord — how come it took this long to find your blog? I’m drooling all over my screen.

    These recipes and pictures look fantastic. Wonderful, thanks.

  18. Anonymous

    My comment doesn’t relate to Napa Cabbage, but I have an idea of using straw mushrooms. Have you tried Indonesian ‘Bakmi Ayam’? I’ve just discovered the joy of using straw mushrooms today and loving it!

    Here’s my recipe version of bakmi ayam:
    – 350gr egg noodles, either thin or thick
    – 300gr chicken mince or diced chicken fillets (or mix of both!)
    – 1 can of straw mushrooms
    – 2-3 tbs of oyster sauce
    – 3-4 tbs of ABC sweet soy sauce
    – 4-5 cloves of garlic, crushed
    – 1/4 tsp white pepper
    – bok choy
    – cooking oil
    – sesame oil (optional)

    1. Cook egg noodles on hot boiling water for 30 secs, then drain.
    2. Heat oil, then add crushed garlic. Add chicken until cooked (drain any mince juice).
    3. Add straw mushrooms, oyster sauce, ABC sweet soy sauce, and pepper. Add a few drops of sesame oil if desired.
    4. Arrange cooked egg noodles in a bowl, add the meat sauce on top of noodle and put blanched/steamed bok choy on the side.
    5. Then you can eat this with sambal sauce and also with plain chicken soup.

  19. kristy

    Just made this for lunch!!!! Quick and easy prep. So amazing and tasty! I can not wait to try the many recipes on your blog. Thank you Rasa!

  20. Michelle

    Your list of comfort food is the same dishes I grew up with. I grew up in Singapore but my Grandma is from Malaysia. I love your website…everytime I feel homesick for local food, I visit your site for inspiration to cook. :)

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