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Their sweet and tender meats are very tasty, or in Chinese, 鲜味. Stir-fried with pounded ginger, garlic, taucheo and chili paste, this Malaysian recipe is a keeper for those who like their food spicy.

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  1. tigerfish

    Part of your drunken clam recipe went into my linguine vongole. Turns out really well. The clams with basil leaves recipe is another easy one. I must try it.

  2. Rasa Malaysia

    Tummythoz – I am not sure about iron, but I smell cholesterol! :P

    Tigerfish – Yeah, I saw the post. Looks like it came straight from an Italian restaurant. :)

  3. sue

    Stir fried mussels with chili and bean paste looks very tasty.
    By the way, soft shell clams looks small at a glance, yet it looks like it has a big siphon.

  4. lucia

    yeah i would have love the stir fried mussels with chili and bean paste as i love spicy food. i love all my seafood to be spicy!

  5. Dr ve Thru

    Yes, I love all variety of lalas. When I was younger, we were only able to get balitong, blood clams and the simple thin shell lalas that was cooked in simple chillies and bean sauce. Yum….

  6. Rasa Malaysia

    Harro – thanks for listing me.

    Budding Cook – you can try these recipes…I am sure you and your hubby would love it.

    Sue – The softshells are quite big, bigger than Manila clams.

    Chris – yes, all of them on the same day until I am so sick of lalas now. LOL.

    Catatouille – Yeah, the lalas are fresh…alive and hidup!

    Lucia – it looks like we are very similar, love shrimps and spicy seafood. :)

    Danny Ong – :)

    Dr. Ve Thru – exactly. Those were the foods of my childhood…lalas, balitong, siput, etc.

    CP – indeed!

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