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Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice
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My husband has a good Korean friend whose mother-in-law runs a restaurant in LA’s Korean Town. She always makes kimchi from scratch and he would always give us some. Whenever life gives us homemade kimchi, I make kimchi fried rice, which is easily one of the most delicious fried rice recipes ever.

Kimchi fried rice is one of the most popular Korean recipes and takes practically 15 minutes to prepare and calls for a few basic ingredients: kimchi, overnight steamed rice, and egg.  If you like, you can add meat such as beef, chicken, spam, or bacon, but I like the plain kimchi fried rice. It is delicious as is, as like my favorite Chinese fried rice.

The egg is often cooked sunny side up and placed on top of the rice. For my food photography, I served it separately to let the kimchi fried rice shines through in the photos. (You can check out the complete gallery by clicking on the top picture above.)

Many Koreans make Kimchi fried rice whenever they need to use up the kimchi at home. To me, kimchi fried rice is one easy recipe that produces mouthwatering and satisfying result.

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  1. Wowzers Bee that looks good – really looking forward to giving that a go (and store cupboard / fridge contents ingredients – bonus!) :)

  2. I actually bought a small jar of kimchi recently because I saw a recipe kind of like yours, but I can’t for the life find it, so when I saw you post this, I made sure to bookmark it. Tonight: steamed rice, tomorrow: kimchi fried. Thank you :d

  3. Sounds like a good recipe, thanks. Will try it.

    Overnight steamed rice – the meaning sounds obvious – rice that has been steamed overnight – but how exactly is it made? Not familiar with the term, and I am not a regular cook :-) Is it done using some sort of rice cooker with controls to make sure the rice does not get overcooked, etc.? Also, why is it specifically mentioned in the recipe, rather than just regular steamed rice? Is the taste different, and/or more suited to this recipe in some way?

  4. Love this!!! Great hangover food as well with the egg ;) I have what remains of a big vat of kimchi in the fridge and I must get another batch of this going.

  5. Jen

    Just made this tonight and it tastes great! I think I’ll put some more veggies next time like traditional fried rice (carrots, peas, etc). Thanks for the recipe!!

  6. Virgin Rose

    I was introduced to this site by a friend who’s a fan of your site. My, I like your recipes very much.

    The only & first time I had Kimchi Fried Rice was about 2 years ago at an authentic Korean stall in Malaysia! I remembered it was spicy but oh, so very delicious. It was a big plate that I had to share it with my husband.

    Your recipe is easy to follow and I shall make it for Sat dinner this weekend. :)

  7. Macai26

    hi!, A while back I was searching for some foodies that would arouse my tastebuds and found this! I really love KIMCHI.. And I will surely try doing this at home even if my hubby doesn’t like KIMCHI. Can I add sirloin beef here or ground beef? or chicken as add-ons? Does it affect the taste? Lols… Iam so into cooking delicious foods… hehehehe.

  8. Courtney

    I love your website! I have been following it for about 4 years now, but stopped cooking for some reason about a year ago, and only recently started looking through recipes again….and as I was looking for something delicious to try out, I remembered Rasa Malaysia! I am so glad I stopped by today, I am going to try out this kimchi recipe with some of my students (most of my ESL students are Korean), so this would be fun AND delicious!!

    Thank you for having such an AMAZING blog!!

    xoxo Courtney

  9. I am definitely trying out this authentic recipe. Being an Indian, I am used to eating spicy dishes. When we shifted to Hong Kong last November, we explored a lot of Asian dishes here, also the kimchi! I loved the way you added this to fried rice!

  10. Bozo

    Thanks for helping to introduce Americans to bibim bap. What a great meal! Breakfast, lunch or dinner. I skip the black pepper, but add a good squirt of siriacha for a hangover morning. I like to add fish sauce too. Put in slices of whatever leftover meat is around for dinner, or late night snacks.

  11. Curtis

    I discovered your website while browsing I’ve already made garlic noodles and kimchi fried rice (30 mins ago). I got the thumbs up from my wife the Thai foodie. Thank you. I’ve already flagged about a dozen other recipes I want to try.

    A big fan in San Francisco.

  12. swtd12eams

    Hi Bee,

    I’ve bookmarked several recipes I want to try from you. I love kimchi fried rice and anything kimchi. Do you have any recommendations for store bought Kimchi? I live in the Bay Area and never know what’s a good brand to buy at Asian markets or Korean markets.

  13. Natali

    wow i feel silly, three days ago i was looking for an awesome fried rice recipe and ended up making something not worthy of even name Rice.
    I do so love kimchi. I wish I could make that!

  14. RZoolander

    Great recipe and really great way to use up all my extra kimchi. Thank you for this site – really love your recipes, writing and presentation.

  15. peltappolo

    Made this receipe last night, this was sooo good, taste exactly the same as any good kimchibab in a korean restaurant, in the comfort of my house! Thanks a lot for that receipe and many others I tried from your website! All the ones Ive tried turned to be perfect!! Do you have a receipe for leek mandu?

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